Guiding Light Gets A Special Send Off By Some Stars From Y&R. (Updated) image

LeBlanc and Cooper at the wedding (

Original Article: August 5

Ever since the cancellation was announced, there have been steady reports of former cast members returning to Springfield for brief appearances to tie up loose ends. However, it looks like it won't only be veteran performers from Guiding Light who will be making cameo appearances before the series ends this September. It's being reported that Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) and Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) have taped a cameo appearance for the series' final episode.

Both of the awards winning The Young and the Restless actors are fans of the show and wanted to help give it a special send off. LeBlanc said on his Twitter account that they made the trip out to New Jersey last week but left the details sketchy. No word on who they will be playing or what they will be up to, but keep your eyes peeled.

Updated: September 15

You might have blinked and missed them, but Jeanne and Christian were both sitting with the guests at yesterday's double wedding. Check out the clip and watch carefully for them as they watch the brides and grooms exchange their vows.