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Thoughts on the week of July 27-31.

Surprise of the week – Jeffrey is alive after all. Then again, I'm not sure this surprised anyone. When polled viewers about his demise, only 15 percent actually thought he was dead, which leads one to wondering how successful this story has really been. The character's memorial concluded on Monday. It was a fairly somber affair. Reva spent the rest of the week still reeling from it. Ava was at the memorial and had a few brief scenes with Olivia and Remy. She and Remy finally, sort of, talked about their son. Although they agreed to visit his memorial together, we never saw that happen, which was an odd choice, particularly since their grief could have provided an interesting contrast and comment on Reva's. Ava's mother also filled her in on falling in love with Natalia. She took it remarkably undramatically.

Dinah finally agreed to marry Shayne. They provided some of the lighter moments, even though she is still bogged down with some guilt over the killing. He arranged for her to ride around town with Vanessa and a horse drawn carriage. Matt kept popping up to encourage her not to feel guilty. I like Dinah and Shayne but I still find the whole thing rushed. I know the show doesn't have much time left, but still... How many weddings and funerals have we had lately (and there are a few more to come)? Maybe I'm the only one feeling the wedding fatigue, but when there's a wedding every other day, it doesn't seem like a very special day anymore. Whenever Dinah's secret comes out, will it make a difference? Maybe that's why Mallet and Marina are always around?

Mallet and Marina spent another week bickering and drifting around town looking for ways to prove that she isn't a murderer. Mallet actually started to seem bored by the entire thing but she kept getting wrought up. Finally, the whole thing basically imploded and they tried comforting each other. There might not be enough comfort there though. They've always prided themselves on being familiar with one another and now they have finally thrown in a current of strangeness. They actually managed to glance at each other as though they were strangers, which is something entirely new to them. Does this mean that they will drift further into the orbit of their ex-lovers, Dinah and Shayne?

At least that would be more interesting than Lizzie and Bill coming back to town and looking at their smelly new house. Is fixing up a crumbling old house intended to be symbolic? I'm guessing so, but I'm not sure what it's supposed to mean. Perhaps I am just grasping at straws when I assume that the end plots are intended to say something about the show, its history and where it's ending. I would hope that they would want do such things, after all, isn't that kind of what the Cyrus and Buzz thing is about as well? Buzz re-mortgaged Company so that he could get Cyrus out of jail and they could work on completing Coop's book. Finding closure for loss and seeking to finalize something that was started a long time ago by someone else is, of course, exactly what the show is doing right now. Symbolism aside, there were some nice bits in this story last week. Gone was Buzz's usual pithy comments, instead, there were those wonderfully silent glances which Justin Deas knows how to do so well. Little moments alone and sad which he filled up with a presence that the other characters usually detract from. There was also a little more flirtation between Cyrus and Mel, which throws a bone to fans of both ill and underused characters.

And, in a nice bit of dramatic contrast, Phillip is looking for a way to find closure with his father. Ever paranoid Alan was easily roped into a road trip with his son. Phillip plans to force his father to confront his past. The whole plot leaves me uneasy. I'm not crazy about redemption stories and I don't like the way this seems to reduce the complexity of Alan's character (although the tendency to do that has been going on for years). Until this goes a little further, I won't say anymore.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis