Maureen Garrett Returns To Guiding Light image


This year has already meant a string of returns, now Guiding Light fans can add another character to the list. Maureen Garrett has been snagged to make a return appearance on the series as Holly Reade. After originating the role all the way back in 1976, she coming back to tie up some story strands this August.

The character was last seen onscreen in 2006, though she was still sporadically mentioned as being in town all the way up to 2007. She then left town after Blake woke up from her coma, spent time with her own mother before she passed on, toured around Europe and spent some time in Toronto. What brings her back, and why, isn't certain but considering who intimately she has touched so many lives in Springfield, for good and bad, it's sure to be an exciting event. is happy to welcome her back! Look for her to make her first appearance on August 26.