While in pursuit of Edmund, Jeffrey's plane went down and everyone is sure he's dead. Then again, everyone was also sure that Edmund was dead. Both characters have been in this kind of territory before. Bradley Cole played Richard Winslow from 1999-2002. After that character's demise, the actor returned as Jeffrey, Richard's doppelganger. Could the lantern Reva's been lighting for Jeffrey really bring him back home, or is this the end of the second of Bradley Cole's characters?

Anyway, if you are missing him and in need of a fix, here's a peek at one of his non-soap opera roles. Cole played Daniel in the French sitcom, "Les Filles D'a Coté" from 1993-1994.

The series followed an ex-patriot American photographer (Cole) living in Paris and allowing the unemployed son of an old friend to live in his apartment with him. Three women live across the hall from them and all of them have fallen in love Cole's character. The series was one of several which Cole did while living and working in France. He also appeared on the series, "Les vacances de l'amour" and in the feature film, "Une pour toutes."

If that isn't enough of him in French, you can also see the accomplished singer/songwriter performing in the language of love in this clip.