CBS Commemorates The Coming End Of Guiding Light image


In the shadow of the impending cancellation, CBS has launched a new section to their Guiding Light website to celebrate the show's history and lead viewers along to its final episode on September 18. There are photo galleries, video highlights and brand new interviews with stars of the show, past and present, to illustrate the series' many famous plots and characters over the years.

Here's a snippet of what they have posted so far. Do you remember your first day on set?
Crystal Chappell: I do. I believe I was standing behind a tall, fake bush. I was spying on Reva (Kim Zimmer) and Josh (Robert Newman); that's why I was brought on. In true soap villain fashion I am hiding behind some foliage.

For more, visit here.

Check back as they celebrate in honor of the coming conclusion of the historical soap.