Guiding Light on 60 Minutes. (Updated) image


Original Article: June 12

Since the Guiding Light's cancellation was announced, plenty of fans have been saddened by how little media attention the event has received. Finally, it looks like someone, at CBS no less, will be giving the show a little more of the honor it deserves.

Amidst all of the recent Twittering from the GL actors at the recent taping of the Bauer barbecue, one of the things that stood out was that CBS' veteran reporter Morley Safer was there, chatting it up with the actors. He wasn't just there to be friendly either. Apparently, "60 Minutes" is planning to air a special report about the show's history and cancellation.

Details and an air date have yet to be made official but will let you know when they are.

Updated: August 20

The special episode of "60 Minutes" is scheduled to air on Sunday, September 13. The report will feature Morley Safer having conversations which he taped with castmembers while he was visiting them in Peapack, NJ.

"60 Minutes" airs on CBS. Please check your local listings for when it will air in your area.

Updated: September 14

In case you missed it last night, or just want to see it again, here is the special feature which aired on "60 Minutes."