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Thoughts of the week of May 25-29.

Shayne finally told Marina that baby Henry was his child with Lara. He made it clear that he would stay out of the child's life unless they needed his help. She was still quite traumatized by the news and had a strange paranoid meltdown at the hospital. They both decided that it wasn't necessary to tell Mallet anything. He's been a little distracted by the murder case anyway so he remained clueless that things were wrong. Both Marina and Shayne quickly began pouring their frustration in a different direction.

After Reva was confronted by Mallet over the murder, she went home with Jeffrey and they tried reassuring each other that they were innocent. After a little push from Lillian, he got romantic and made love to his wife on the rug. She was promptly arrested, not by the sex police, but by Mallet for the slightly less serious soap opera crime of murder. Once she was pouting in her jail cell, the usual crew of men in her life began filing in and offering to help her. Shayne began pouring his anxiety about the baby into trying to protect his mother and shield her from Mallet. Josh stood around but seemed confused about what to do. Jeffrey acted as her lawyer, which wasn't easy since the evidence is clearly pointing against her. And Marina circumvented her husband and smuggled Colin in through the backdoor to see Reva. They talked about being mothers, how important it was to love their children and protect them no matter what etc., all which, in Springfield lingo, often has all sorts of sinister connotations. Love may save the world, but it also seems to be what causes most of its problems.

Natalia and Olivia's lives got a bit more complicated. They've been living in a kind of seclusion, alone in the farm house or hotel, and Rafe was always the absent aspect of the family they were building. But now, Nat's dream is finally coming true and she is getting her son back, thanks largely to Frank. The women worried about what to tell Rafe when he comes into close quarters with them. He quickly demonstrated that he's having trouble getting back into family life in general. Frank has stepped in to be his male role model, though he insists to everyone that he is not a saint. He better hope not. Guiding Light has a habit of turning far more unlikely characters into saints and it usually kills them off in the process. All of the shifts between this group of characters were small, and a bit under explored this week so I assume they'll be fleshed out more in the weeks to come. Frank, a character who has barely changed in a decade, is slowly beginning to. The other thing to look forward to is how well Nat and Olivia will weather their expanded family.

Bill and Lizzie hung out in their Chicago hotel room and had sex until they got hungry and went out for a hot dog. He hid a ring in the meat and she nearly choked on it. Then he was accosted by a man on the street. He was an investor in James' ponzi scheme and, after randomly hearing Bill's name, punched him in the face. After this rather surreal event, they were all dragged down to the police department and Phillip was called in to rescue his daughter again. He bought the guy off and bailed them out. They went back to their hotel room and he looked for a way to solve the mess once and for all. That was being complicated by his father. Alan finally returned after what's felt like a long absence. Complete with a gangsta rap chorus ushering him back into relevance, he put the kibosh on Phillip's plans to save James, although he certainly admires his grandson's tenacity. James was momentarily relived to be getting help from the father who has been absent for nearly his entire life. He seemed genuinely touched when Phillip offered to take the fall for him and turn himself in to the authorities. Then he proved his Spaulding mettle and abruptly turned around to set up a brand new scheme.

After stealing a fortune's worth of diamonds, Remy decided it was time to re-join the Springfield PD. They brought him back on fast and then had a picnic. His father's still having financial trouble and so is Christina. Remy seems torn about what to do with the diamonds he pulled out of dead Edmund's pocket. The diamonds will prove to be an import thing this week when Cyrus rolls back into town, with a new lady no less.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis