Jordan Clarke's Daytime Emmy AWARDS Him a Contract image

Jordan Clarke (CBS)

Hello Daytime Emmy. Long-time Guiding Light star Jordan Clark who plays Billy Lewis, picked up and Emmy this year for Outstanding Supporting Actor has finally got his wish, a long-term contract with the CBS Soap.

"It would be nice," Clarke responded backstage at the Emmys when asked if he would be interested in being put on contract. "I'm ready to go back and make some real money." Clarke made his Guiding Light debut in May 1983 and remained with the show through January 1987. After a two-year break, he returned in June 1989 and stuck around Springfield for the next five years. Not counting a brief return in 1996, it was a full ten years before Clarke would next be seen on-screen.

Clarke has the rare distinction of being an Emmy winner without a contract and has not had one for the nearly a decade. Clarke was also received a PRISM Award for his portrayal of Billy's challenging battle with alcohol addiction. Terms of the contract were not made public but and fans alike are pleased to see that Billy's character will continue on for a long time to com.