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Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the week of May 18-22.

It was a curious week. It was also, for the most part, a rather morbid one. But, in its usual fashion, Guiding Light put a few strange little twists on the morbid factor. One of the nice surprises of the week was watching Mallet do his detective work. That's not something I ever though I'd say, but his mannerisms and the situation actually worked this time around. Watching him obsess over a case which he doesn't particularly care about and attempt to justify doing his job to himself added an extra layer to the goings on. The fact that he took a baby with him to do much of his initial questioning also helped add something to the routine. It wasn't cute; it was sort of creepy.

Half of the cast are suspects in the case. The fact that the majority of them are quite happy that Edmund is dead doesn't help. Shayne felt sort of bad so he held a little 'Edmund survivors meeting' for everyone. For some reason, it reminded me of Reva and Jeffrey's wedding. Maybe it was the random, almost hobo-like nature of the thing, but I nearly expected them to go to a hot dog or ice cream wagon or something at the end. Reva is already standing out as chief suspect. She's tried killing him before, of course, but I doubt it was her. I have to admit that I don't care all that much who killed him, which is too bad because he was a character I adored. But it was such an anti-climactic and vulgar way for him to go. It lacked all of his usual flare and theatricality. I think that was part of the point they were making with killing him – it was a way of reforming and then reducing him to banality. That was also the point of the little speech he left behind with its surgical slicing up the character's entire psychology. Gone was the icy princely arrogance, all of the nuances of authority, ambition, the thirst for vengeance and joy in other people's suffering. Instead, he was turned into this excruciatingly ponderous guy basically talking about how important children's smiles were. He went from being Machiavelli to a Coke commercial.

Anyway, the event was traumatic enough that it made Shayne finally change his mind and decide that he should tell Marina the truth about baby Henry. Meanwhile, Remy is keeping secrets of his own. He still hasn't told Christina that he lost his job and he's trying to help his father out of his financial problems. When he pulled Edmund out of the water, he discovered some diamonds on him and pocketed them. He then asked Buzz to set him up with some black market diamond dealers. There's a good chance that Edmund's death may actually be related to the diamonds so Remy could be digging himself in a lot deeper than he thinks.

Olivia and Natalia hugged a lot. Nat probably needed it after her conversation with Father Ray. She fessed up and he gave her the standard church position. It was actually nice because it wasn't sugar coated and they didn't spin it; it was just straightforward and by-the-book. After that, Nat and Olivia had some quality time without Emma tagging along. Nat is still very hesitant about the idea of them living together but they did sneak out of The Beacon to have a picnic. More symbolically, Olivia actually admitted that they are a couple... sort of.

Phillip spent the week trying to dig James out of trouble. Unfortunately for him, James kept digging himself in deeper. He sold one of Alan's cars and then used the money to try and lure in an investor. That backfired. Daisy watched the whole thing with a certain bemused fascination but finally decided that he was crossing a line when it came out that he was using Bill's name to front his scheme. James remains enigmatic, but we discovered that he likes to draw little magna inspired portraits. But the highlight of this plot last week was watching Phillip and Beth hang out at his grave. She told him about his funeral and they talked like old friends. Morbid, but sweet and touching? Definitely.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis