Peter Simon Returns to Guiding Light image


The summer is almost here and there is plenty for fans of Guiding Light, new and old, to be excited about. Long term viewers will be in for more special treats. Not only are Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban returning as Danny and Michelle Santos (read more here), viewers will have another familiar face to welcome back - Ed Bauer. Peter Simon will be returning to the cast to play the part. He was last seen in the role back in 2004.

No stranger to the world of Daytime, Simon played Scott Phillips on "Search For Tomorrow" for a decade before moving on to As the World Turns. However, it was his performance as Ed Bauer that he'll probably be best known for. He played the role on and off between 1982 and 2004. While on the series, he took part in some of its most controversial storylines, including the Maryanne Carruthers case and the death of his wife, Maureen. In his time, he had affairs with many of the casts leading ladies, including Lillian and Vanessa. The character has been part of the Springfield canvas since 1954 and has been portrayed by four other actors in that time.

Look for him to make his return on June 23.