Tom Pelphrey (Courtesy of Dale Jabagat)

Jonathan's coming back? That's what it looks like. According to Soaps in Depth, it has now been confirmed that the character will be returning to Springfield this summer. The duration of his stay and what will be bringing this return is still unknown. However, fans of the character will be happy to know that he will once gain be portrayed by Daytime Emmy-winner Tom Pelphrey.

The popular character has been off the canvas since March of last year following his second brief return since initially leaving the series in 2007. Pelphrey has kept himself busy in his time away, appearing in episodes of "The Ghost Whisperer" and "CSI: Miami", but he's been spending most of his time working on the great love of his life – the stage. Click here for a glimpse of him in a recent production. is glad to welcome him back and we will keep you informed of more details as they arte released.