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It's been awhile, but once again it is time for the Guiding Light wardrobe Q&A. Our thanks go out to the hardworking people behind the scenes at the show who were able to answer these questions. Their help is always greatly appreciated. And now for the answers that you've been waiting for...

Shauna asks:
Could you tell me where to find the purse Daisy had on the April 8 episode where she looks for Grady at her old college dorm? It was a multicolored purse.

Daisy's purse is by Billabong. The Billabong store in Times Square where it was purchased is now closed.

Gentiana asks: I was wondering who was the designer for Lizzie's earrings on Thursday April 9th episode. They were gold large hoops and she wore them during the first half of the show before they went to dinner.

Lizzie’s earrings are vintage Robert Lee Morris designs.

Carol asks: Where can Lizzie Spaulding's cape be purchased?

Lizzie’s wool capelet was purchased at Benetton.

Debbi asks: Hi. I was watching today, March 11th, and noticed that Olivia had on the most beautiful drop earrings with a citrine stone in the center. Would you know where I could buy a pair like them? Any info or website I could contact would be appreciated. Thank you.

Olivia’s earrings were actually purchased from an extra/dayplayer that worked on the show a couple years ago. She was also a jewelry designer. They liked her work and bought several pieces from her jewelry collection. She handmade all her designs.

Claudia asks: I would like to know where you bought the off-white cable knitted shawl Lizzie was wearing on March 10-11 when she found out Grady kidnapped her and when she found Bill. Thanks.

Lizzie’s wool capelet was purchased at a nearby Benetton store.

Donna asks: Where can I find the pink corkscrew or spiral scarf that Lizzie was wearing a few weeks ago? She wore this when she was outside Coop's car talking to her father Phillip.

Lizzie's scarf was purchased at Macy's.

Lisa asks:
Can you tell me who makes the coat that Ashlee was wearing the day of Coop's funeral? Thank you. PS. I have been watching Guiding Light since I am 15 I will be 40 on Tuesday.

Ashlee's coat is by Cole Haan and was purchased at Lord & Taylor.

Rebekah asks: I love that teal/green purse Marina carries around sometimes. She had it on October 13 and 14 when Mallet and Marina were at the mortgage broker's office and while walking in the park. And she also had it on February 13th, 2009. Where is it from? I love it! Also, the coat Marina wore on December 26th, 2008. It was tan and plaid with two rows of buttons down the middle. It went past her waist. Thanks!

Marina's purse is by Rafe. Marina's wool plaid coat is by Juicy Couture and we purchased it at Bloomingdales.

Susan asks: This past week on Guiding Light, Beth was wearing a black long cardigan sweater at the hospital while waiting for Coop to be out of surgery. Can you tell me the brand and/or where it was purchased? Thanks!!!

Beth's cardigan is by Donna Karan. It was pulled from the existing stock. It was purchased several years ago at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Karen asks: I loved Beth's blue coat and matching gloves. She wore them in the last few episodes where Alan was trying to force found out about her affair with Coop and he was trying to force her to marry him. Please let me know who makes the coat and possibly the gloves and where you got them.
Thanks :-)

Beth’s window pane plaid coat is actually several years old and they've kept it in her closet because its such a beautiful coat. It is by Vertigo and was purchased at Vertigo's boutique on Madison Avenue. Vertigo was a European line of clothes and, unfortunately, the boutique is gone now. Her pretty gloves were purchased this winter at Gap.

Jeri asks: Can you please tell me where you found Natalia's purple striped long sweater with half sleeves? She wore it around the week of February 9-13. I just love everything about that sweater. Thanks.

Natalia’s fun sweater with hood is by Julie by Uno and was purchased at Loehmans.

Angelina asks: Curious as to what the brand name was in the double gold hoop earrings Dinah wore on February 5 and 6.

Dinah's earrings were purchased at Banana Republic.

Sarah asks: I am trying to find out what kind of wedding dress that Beth was wearing on Monday February 9 and where to get it.

Beth's pretty strapless wedding gown is by J. Crew. It was purchased online. J Crew has several really pretty wedding gowns and they are very very affordable!

Kari asks: I would love to know where the coat that Lizzie is wearing for winter came from. It is black with fur around the collar and a grey ribbon waist.

Lizzie’s black coat with silk ribbon belt was purchased at Express.

Lisa asks: Could you tell me where to buy the black and yellow dress Lizzie had on April 17. The episode where Frank and Natalia were to get married.

Lizzie’s a-line dress is by BCBG and was purchased at Bloomingdales.

If you have a wardrobe question of your own, please send it to by using the Contact Us link. Please make sure you give as much detail about the item as you can, and ensure you have the correct date for when the item was show.

Matt Purvis