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Thoughts on the Week of April 27 – May 1.

I'm not even sure what to say about last week. It was deliberately silly and relaxed, which isn't a bad thing, but the timing for it seemed a little random. It was a holiday and it felt sort of like that. That's not to say that there weren't significant developments, because there were a few. Remy showed just how much he cares about Christina by following her down to Florida. He was shirtless much of the time and they made out a lot. It was nice. Shayne dragged Dinah to Mallet and Marina's for another in their increasingly long line of baby celebrations. She swiped some of Henry's DNA while Marina proved what a good mother she is and confessed, quite nonchalantly, to Shayne that she had blackmailed the Child Protection's agent. Then Shayne dragged Dinah down to Florida to reconcile with her brother. They never found him, but they did run into some rather heavy-handed stuff about how good Dinah is at uniting children with their parents.

All three generations of the Spaulding men had some interesting moments. Phillip broke out of Ravenwood with Rick's help. He headed down to Florida to stop Alan from ruining Lizzie and Bill's romantic trip. He kept his father at bay, but spent some time reminiscing with Beth, which just reminded me how different this trip was from the last one. Meanwhile, Alan was mostly used as a prop for comic relief. I guess it was funny, but how many times can you splash an old man with water? It's a little too easy, and a little too common, to turn Alan into the subject of ridicule when so many characters in the cast are as absurd as he sometimes is. But the highlight of the week for me was watching how they are creating the role of James. Alan hinted to him that Phillip was behind Grady's death and James immediately began laying into his father. Even if he hates his family, he's proving to be a Spaulding through and through. What makes that even more interesting is that he's demonstrated no loyalty to anyone in the family. Since everyone else is ganging up on Alan, I only hope he remains a renegade and goes after his parents and sister with equal ferocity. We haven't seen him play any of these power games before so it could make for genuinely exciting conflict.

Of course, much of the week concentrated on Bill and Lizzie. There were several musical montages of them running around the park. They finally finished their ten dates and then made love on the lawn of the hotel before he proposed to her. Surprisingly, there were no paparazzi, or security guards, present. She accepted his proposal and they hurried back to Springfield to elope. Although it was all meant to be fun and sweet, and no doubt Bizzie fans really enjoyed it, it's also forced me into a corner which I normally try to stay out of - the one that harps on past character history. I'm glad to use selective amnesia generally, but for some reason, Bizzie really irk me. Maybe it's because they act like people half their ages or the fact that only a few years ago he was her step-father (the marriage was later declared invalid but they did bring this up when he returned, though to no effect). Watching him, quite literally, treat Lizzie like a child so she could grow up in front of him and he could sleep with her just came off as more creepy than cute. I know they both have mental problems, but that doesn't quite excuse how it was handled. But then again, maybe it does. Perhaps this just demonstrated how truly nutty their whole relationship is.

There were other romantic developments. Natalia and Olivia had an awkward meeting and finally decided that they should go away together and figure some things out. But most of the Otalia story this week was really about Frank. Poor Frank... I just wish that the whole thing didn't feel like someone kicking a puppy. Maybe that's because Dicopoulos actually played a dog once, or it could be because he makes those puppy dog eyes, but that's what I think of when he shows up lately. Doris, that mistress of subtlety, told him that Nat has the hots for Olivia. He didn't take it well. When he drunkenly tried to confront her, her goons pounded on him. He ended up a bloody mess on Nat's doorstep. She and Olivia took him to Cedars where he wound up seeing them hug. It was bad enough that Olivia left him for his father (before leaving Buzz at the altar for her rapist), then Natalia left him at the altar for Olivia. It isn't that anyone in this story is really being cruel to the guy, they all care about him and feel terrible about this, it's just that having Frank in this position is so blatantly cruel. Although it's very nice that Dicopoulos has had the chance to do more interesting acting in the past few months than he has in years, I can't help but wonder if this story wouldn't have been better with a different male character. I say that simply because, what will Frank do now? Unless he suddenly develops an unpredictable streak, he seems more of the implosive type than the explosive. But maybe they have something unexpected up their sleeves with where this is headed?

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis