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Cast of The Law (CBS)

*If you're curious to see what A.C. Mallet's show The Law is actually like, you can check out mini-episodes of it here. Follow the exploits of Springfield's top cop in the town's most popular reality TV show. A new episode is set to air every Wednesday until January 3rd and will also feature series regulars Marina Cooper, Remy Boudreau and Dinah Marler.

*The rumors continue of Vincent Irizarry's return to GL despite the fact that he has been signed to Y&R. He has yet to be put on contract for the move to Genoa city and will be free to move back to Springfield soon after Tom Pelphrey (Jonathan Randall) is set to exit. In a new interview, he has stated that he 'had a great meeting with Ellen Wheeler. But nobody has made a commitment to each other.' At present, he's insisted on keeping his options open but when on to say that 'I don't think they were ready either because they had story written for several months. But they're very excited about the possibilities, as I am.'

*Fans of Ricky Paull Goldin (Gus) can rejoice. He is said to have been signed to a new three year contract with the show. This has yet to be confirmed, but is supposed to be made official by the end of the month.