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In order to celebrate their 70th anniversary, the cast and crew of Guiding Light have decided to give something back to the public that's rewarded them for so long with their loyal viewing. To do this, GL has announced a year long partnership with the Hands On Network to support them in their work rebuilding cities devastated by Hurricane Katrina. This will also be, GL producer Ellen Wheeler says, a tribute to the show's creator Irna Philips and her belief in community. 'We're hoping that this theme and the show's commitment to Hands On Network will resound with our viewers and motivate people to be the change they wish to see in their communities.'

During the week of January 22-26, GL will shut down its studio and join volunteers in the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast. While there, the show's stars shall be filmed by the crew for a special episode set to air on February 14th 2007. This will be part of a three episode special focusing on the spirit of volunteerism in the community.

Following the February 14th episode, cast members will be touring from one city to another to help with relief efforts. If you are interested in volunteering and working alongside them, please review the schedule below.

Feb. 24/07 Atlanta, GA Hands On Atlanta
Mar. 31/07 Norfolk, VA Volunteer Hampton Roads
April 21/07 New York City New York Cares
May 4-5/07 Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh Cares
June 2/07 Los Angeles, CA L.A. Works
July14/07 New Orleans, LA Hands On New Orleans
Aug. 18/07 St. Louis, MO St. Louis Cares
Sept. 29/07 Nashville, TN Hands On Nashville
Oct. 27/07 New York City New York Cares
Nov. 3/07 Miami, FL Hands On Miami
Dec 2007 Baltimore, MD Baltimore Volunteer Central