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I know that everyone is eagerly awaiting the Thanksgiving episode of GL set to air on November 22. It promises to be something unexpected and will bring much of the Lewis-Shayne clan together. The episode will also be the 'In the Light' special for Ron Raines. While, we've known him as Alan Spaulding since 1994, Raines is also an accomplished and versatile stage actor, recently appearing with the Florida Orchestra Pops for a Rogers and Hammerstein Gala. One can hope that we may see shades of Alan's character that have not been shown before.

The episode will concentrate on the lonelier side of Alan. Left alone, on Thanksgiving, with no one to keep him company but his servants. Maybe, he'll use the opportunity to reflect on his past failed relationships. He's had quite a few and with very different women. With Beth and Olivia, who can both manage to be as vindictive and unsympathetic as him; with Jackie, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Diane in relationships that he scarcely thought about. Then there were the odder relationships, like with Regina who ran away and became a nun or with Annie and Claire who managed to be more unbalanced and dangerous than he imagined. There were also affairs that shouldn't have happened, like with Vanessa or with Philip's former flames Blake and India. Of course, he also married Reva, but she was in a coma at the time. The only lasting relationship he's had was with Hope, Alan-Michael's mother, who fell in love with him when they were stranded on a tropical island after a plane wreck. Their relationship had its ups and downs, largely as a result of Alan's battles with Philip, before Hope was driven into alcoholism and abandoned Alan for New York. Things haven't gotten much better for Alan since and, while his family moves further away from him and he tries to cling to Lizzie's baby, the holidays should make it clear just where he stands. What should be really exciting is seeing how Reva will try to reach out to Alan in an attempt to safeguard the future of the baby. Will they finally put their feud behind them, or will they push it into the all-out war that Alan's promised?

See Alan Inside the Light on November 22.