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Gina Tognoni (CBS)

Does Dinah see a future with Mallet (Robert Bogue)? (CBS)

Next Wednesday, GL viewers will be getting a treat when the In the Light episode will showcase the wonderful Gina Tognoni (Dinah Marler). She joined the cast as the troubled and unpredictable Dinah in 2004, winning an Emmy in 2006 for Best Supporting Actress. With her love life in chaos and a possible murder charge hanging over head, Dinah may be reaching the end of her tether. If this wasn't enough, the show will also feature the return appearance of her sister Clarissa. Arielle Fleisher will return in the role of Dinah's little seen half-sister. Clarissa was conceived back in 1999 by the late Ross Marler and the currently bed ridden Blake. At that time, Blake and Ross were in the midst of a divorce, but still managed to spend a day locked in the bathroom together. Blake didn't inform Ross of the pregnancy at the time, since she believed that he was having an affair with her mother Holly. Rather than face this, she hid out at the Bauer cabin and wrote a romance novel. Ross circuitously discovered her pregnancy and managed to track her down just as she was going into labor. Clarissa's birth is what brought Blake and Ross back together again, rather to Dinah's chagrin. Could this point to a softening of hostilities between Dinah and Blake? On Wednesday, Clarissa will bring Dinah to the carnival and try to help her confront her demons (remember Dinah's troubled upbringing with a carnie family?) and admit to herself what she really wants.

This is part of a trend that will be moving through the show in the coming months. Just recently, Bonnie Dennison has been cast as Susan Lemay, the daughter who Harley had given up for adoption. She will be replacing Brittany Snow, who left in the role in 2001 before moving on to the bog screen. Dennison has already had experience, appearing on Third Watch and Law & Order: SVU. Her first air date is scheduled for January 10th, 2007. Even before that, fans can look forward to the return of Kimberly J. Brown, the original Marah Lewis on November 17th. Since leaving the show in 1998, she has appeared in Tumbleweeds, A Bug''s Life and Bringing Down the House. Her return has been anticipated as an opportunity to accelerate the reconciliation of Reva and Josh. Tune in to find out.

Gina Tognoni's In the Light episode airs on November 15th.