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The Week of September 22-26.

The week ended with something of a climax, which is unusual these days. Daisy was trying to be helpful, or at least, trying to help Rafe. As usual, whenever someone tries to be helpful on Guiding Light, something goes wrong. She joined a youth crime task force set up by Doris so she could track down young criminals. Her first time out, she was taken at gunpoint. Marina and Mallet ran out to help her. A showdown ensued. Mallet pushed Marina out of the way and confessed that he loved her. I'm sure Marina and Mallet fans, and, for the doubters, there really are a few fans of the couple, were happy. Personally, I'm indifferent. Although, it's nice that they can be bland together rather than inflict it on other characters. They bickered a lot more about the house this week. This, combined with a few hints about babies over the past few weeks and I think we can all see where the plot is going. We were also given something I never thought I would be exposed to and that was watching them play a game of "Twister" on Harley's floor.

I enjoy Daisy, in spite of her faults. She provides an interesting light on the way some characters on the series develop, and, not just recently, but for the past few decades. They've gone out of their way to cast her as "Reva Number 3", with the abrupt changes in characterization and relationships appropriate to that title while still reflecting the unique problems of a woman of her generation. Each of the incarnations of the character is then given the chance work through the irony of confronting their own pasts in the present, albeit in the form of a different person. There's a disturbing familiarity in watching Daisy's character develop and interact with people. She's like the ghost of Christmas past and, whatever illusions Reva's had about herself are forced to crumble when she deals with her. It would actually be hard to imagine the slightly more emotionally mature Reva we've been given of late, being that way if it wasn't for what they've done with Daisy. Reva's been forced to grow up because her younger self is occupied by someone else. In spite of everything, Daisy has still managed to be more coherent and more rational than the previous two generations (which really isn't saying much). But all of this raises an interesting issue. Since Harley was "Reva number 2", a sort of mirror of Reva, and Daisy has been set up to mirror both, now that Harley is gone, how does the triangulated identity hold together? That's something I look forward to finding out.

Anyway, back to last week... Natalia proved how far she would go to protect her son, including compromising her virtue with sleazy attorney Vince Russo. This was sort of the mirror incident to when Olivia almost slept with two men and it was broken up (saintly Natalia doesn't have to go so far). Olivia broke it up before anything could happen. Natalia moped around town and looked for more work. She's getting the exhausted, yet fragile, automaton thing down perfectly. I was more excited to see that Olivia took down the sign that dedicated the park to her. Maybe we're on the verge of the end of hearing about Gus? I hope so.

The Dinah and Grady coupling continues to develop, slowly. Apparently they haven't actually slept together, just in the same room. She's using him to try and destroy Lizzie and Bill and promising him a reward if he does. It's like "Dangerous Liaisons" in Springfield, but there's no John Malkovich anywhere to be seen. I'm still reserving my judgment on this coupling. There's an interesting dynamic. He's young, volatile and stupid. She's experienced but unbalanced. Together, they veil their desperation in self-delusion. Anyway, I enjoy watching their scenes together more than seeing him with Daisy, or her with her other, equally stupid accomplice, Ashlee.

The bigger news overshadowing last week's somewhat unexciting on-screen events were two fairly substantial casting changes. The first was that Shayne Lewis has finally been recast. He'll be played by Jeff Branson and we can see him starting in December. It's not entirely clear what this will mean for anyone involved. He may try to push Josh and Reva back together, he may pick up with one of the women in town and there's even a rumor that he may have a gay storyline. Others suspect that he could just be another Jonathan stand-in or a quickly vanishing son like Dylan. I'm excited to see what they'll do with him and, apparently, I'm not alone since 62 percent of those who took our recent poll on the matter also seem enthusiastic. I just wish they would bring back Alan-Michael too. The other big news is that Nicole Forester's contract is not being renewed and there and no plans to recast the role of Cassie. With Josh and Cassie over, some had hoped to see her with Cyrus but that doesn't look like it will happen. She'll be gone in November.

Anyway, those were my not terribly coherent thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

Matt Purvis