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Guiding Light Fan Fiction: Returning home.

Olivia gets ready for work and finds an angry Natalia in the kitchen. Olivia doesn’t understand why Natalia is so upset with her for going back to work at Spaulding. Olivia reminds Natalia that the money is great, and it will also give her a chance to keep tabs on Phillip. Natalia doesn’t think it is a good idea to get mixed back up with the Spauldings, but Olivia reminds her that Rafe is a Spaulding. She also points out that Phillip is Emma’s father and if he truly is up to his old tricks, she can better protect Emma. Natalia softens and tells Olivia she loves her and doesn’t want to lose her to the madness of the Spaulding business. Olivia takes Natalia’s hands and assures her she will be fine. "Maybe Phillip is still stable, but if what Rick and Beth are saying is true, I have to protect our daughter."

Bill, Lizzie and their son H.B. stop by Company for brunch. They notice Frank with Francesca and join the father and daughter. Lizzie notices how distracted Buzz seems and wonders if he is okay. Frank explains that Buzz and Lillian were getting ready to take a second honeymoon to Greece to visit Harley and her boys, but might have to cancel because his temporary manager fell through. Lizzie asks if Marina is available to help, but Frank reminds her that Shane and Marina are swamped juggling their own jobs, along with caring for Henry and their newly adopted daughter. Lizzie impulsively offers to help Buzz manage Company while he’s away. She reminds him how she once owned the place. Buzz is skeptical, but Bill gives a great speech about how smart and savvy Lizzie is and persuades him to let her take over. Lizzie kisses Bill and thanks him for believing in her. He hopes that the new job will help distract her from her worries over Phillip reverting to his old ways.

Josh, Reva and Colin drive along a dirt road. They pass a sign that says Springfield is only 25 miles away. Having been on the road for nearly a year since leaving Springfield, Josh asks Reva if she’s ready to return. She admits she is worried about Jonathan’s loneliness, but is excited to see all of their loved ones, especially their grandchildren. "No one said we have to permanently return," Reva cackles. Josh likes the idea of always being able to ride off into the sunset with her.

A thirsty Jeffrey pauses to take a break in the shade from tailing Edmund. The hot sun of San Cristobel had pounded down upon him all morning, but Jeffrey knows he has to keep going. He feels very close to catching Edmund once and for all. He briefly pauses to think of Reva and Colin. Desperate to get back to them, he continues on his hunt for Edmund. Tracking Edmund to a large estate, Jeffrey silently wanders the halls. Hearing Edmund’s voice, he peers through a crack in the door to see Edmund talking to a nurse. Just as Jeffrey is about to make his move, he is shocked to see Edmund standing over an alive, but sleeping Tammy! Jeffrey pulls back and wonders what his next move should be.

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- Ally Wells