Former Guiding Light Actress Dies image


Carrie Nye, who portrayed 2 characters in Guiding Light has died of Lung Cancer at the age of 69.

Her first role in Guiding Light was in 1984 playing the role of Susan Piper. In 2003 - 2004 season, she returned as Carolyn Carruthers.

Wife of Television Host Dick Cavett, Ms. Nye has an endless credits to her name as an actress dating back to 1966. Some of the many roles she played in were The Man Who Came to Dinner, A Streetcar Named Desire, Hart to Hart and the Creepshow.

She starred opposite Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in Divorce His, Divorce Hers, a television miniseries in the 1970s.

Her first character in Guiding Light met her death by falling into a pit of quicksand. At the time, she told Time Magazine she would have preferred her death on GL by being impaled by a hatpin instead.

Known for her dry witty humor, she was truly a southern belle. Beth Elhers of GL referred to her as a grande dame like Joan Collins.

Experiencing her share of hardships, Nye and Cavette purchased a home in the 1960's only to have it burn down in 1997. Determined not to let it get to her, they rebuilt and the home was featured in a 2003 documentary called "From the Ashes, The Life and Times of Tick Hall".

"It was the work of a genius," Nye told Newsday in 1998. "You can't put a person back together, but you can do it with a house."

She will be dearly missed by all at Guiding Light no doubt.