Olivia Birkelund to Guest on Guiding Light image

Olivia Birkelund (ABC)

If Cyrus' love life wasn't complicated enough, yet another woman the Australian thief turned detective has seduced will be appearing on the scene. Whatever gravitational field that seems to mysteriously pull people's old lovers to Springfield will be pulling in "Phoebe" next week. Does Harley have something to be afraid of, or is it Cyrus who should be scared?

Phoebe will be played by a face familiar to soap audiences— Olivia Birkelund. The actress is best known for playing Arlene Dillon Vaughan Chandler on All My Children, but she's also appeared on One Life to Live and run the full gamut of cop shows on TV. Soaps.com is happy to see her back on daytime again and we're sure many of you will be too.

The New York born actress spent years doing Shakespeare in regional theater before winding up on TV. She's also appeared in small parts in the films Far From Heaven and The Bone Collector.

Look for her on Tuesday, March the 11th.