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Robert Newman and Nicole Forrester (

If you've been watching Guiding Light this year, you've no doubt been hearing all about the Find Your Light campaign which the show undertook to commemorate its 70th anniversary. On an almost weekly basis we've been able to glimpse the cast and crew as they tour the country and offer their help to the victims of disaster and poverty. If you've been feeling left out of the good work and want to help, now there is a way that you can and you can do it right from home. is an online shopping community that allows consumers to shop for the things and brands which they would normally buy at the prices they would regularly pay. The difference? When you choose to do your shopping through the site, you will also be making a donation to charity with every purchase. Please visit their official site for the full list of retailers taking part and all of the relevant details on how you can help out.

At the site, you can also find an interview with Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) and Nicole Forrester (Cassie Lewis), who recently sat down to talk about their involvement in charity work this past year. More specifically, they concentrated on their work with Points of Light and the Hands On Network. In the interview, they made a point of saying that 'from our experience in the Gulf Coast, I learned that a LOT can be accomplished in a very short time when people just show up with open minds and the desire to help.'