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    Grey's Anatomy: Migration - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Migration

    Thursday, May 10 2012
    The residents decide whether to stay or go, Ben stuns Bailey, and April hits a low.

    In the boardroom, Owen gets updates on whether the residents are staying or going to other hospitals. Karev is staying. Owen wants answers on the others.

    The residents are all partying at the house to celebrate the boards. Jackson tries to talk to April, who is wasted. Karev is amused. Christina gets another phone offer. April gets a call too - an offer is pulled because she failed.

    Christina arrives home where Owen is sleeping. She lies on top of him. He asks what she's doing and if she's drunk. She says she doesn't know, and leaves.

    Ben is about to serve Bailey breakfast in bed on her day off. He turns to see her dressed and ready to go to work.

    At Seattle Grace, Bailey and Meredith confer with a couple who've been on their honeymoon in Thailand. They take the man into surgery, where complains about Bailey canceling their plans. After, they tell the man they don't know what's causing his issues. They notice the wife has a worm under her arm skin - mystery solved. Bailey goes to her office, where Ben has another conniption over her choosing to work. She whines that it's a really exciting parasite!

    Callie and Christina check on Nick, who asks about Arizona avoiding him. Callie tries to talk him into surgery. She goes to find Arizona and reminds her that Nick is dying and she needs to stop being stubborn. Arizona goes to see him. He rails at her for not being there - he's riddled with cancer and all alone! Arizona begs him to have the surgery, promising to be there.

    At the nurses' station, Derek and Meredith bicker about whether to go to Boston or stay there. He got a great offer and wants to go. She wants to stay. Derek meets up with Mark in the elevator. Mark complains about Julia wanting a baby, and Lexie declaring her love. Lexie joins them in the elevator. Awkwardness ensues. Mark tells her he needs to ruminate on what she said.

    In pediatrics, April listens as Richard tells Karev the boards examiner was so impressed by him they want him at Hopkins. Karev thinks he's joking - until his phone rings. Meredith and Christina start bickering down the hall about where Christina will go. Karev runs up and yells that Hopkins wants him. Christina hugs him! Richard coaches Karev on how to get more money out of Owen. Karev plays his cards with a stunned Owen. Richard gives Karev the thumbs up. Later, Karev tells Richard both hospitals have given him more than he asked for. Richard says he finished first.

    In the cafeteria, April's phone rings. Christina picks it up and pretends to be April. Another offer is pulled. Jackson makes cryptic comments while looking at April. Christina joins Teddy for surgery on Nick. Teddy needs to know if she's staying, and says she can work things out with Owen. Christina doesn't answer. They operate on Nick as Callie and Arizona observe. Afterward, Arizona tells Nick the tumor took over his heart - there was no way to get it out. Nick cries over not coming sooner. Arizona cries with him. Arizona goes outside and Callie finds her in the rain. Arizona asks her to never leave.

    Derek and Meredith visit their dream home. She exclaims over everything. Derek says he'll build one in Boston - he's been offered a 10 million dollar endowment. He accuses her of making her decision based on Christina instead of him.

    Meredith and Derek return to the hospital. They scrub in on Bailey's patient. Bailey and Ben proceed to argue throughout. Bailey makes a show of doing the crossword puzzle Ben gave her with breakfast. Frustrated, Ben admits he made the crossword himself - the clues spell out, 'Will You Marry Me?' Bailey is speechless!

    Teddy approaches Owen in the boardroom and says she thinks they'll lose Yang. Owen admits he slept with someone else. He says, "She's not leaving you, she's leaving me." Later, April comes to see Owen, who tells her he can't hire her next year. She says Seattle Grace is her last option. He says he's sorry.

    Meredith and Christina meet up in room and argue over Christina's decision. Meredith says she's her person. Christina says, "He's my person." Christina finds Owen in the on-call room. He asks which hospital she's going to choose. She kisses him and they make love. After, he says he's happy. She says she's leaving.

    Bailey arrives at home and tells Ben to propose to her again. He tells her to sit down. She opens her coat - she's naked! She asks him to propose again. Ben tells her he got accepted as a surgical intern at UCLA - working seven days a week, a thousand miles away. Everything's different now.

    By the nurses' station, the group of doctors going to Boise listen as Arizona hollers at Karev about Hopkins and says he can't come on the trip. Meredith tells Christina she's decided on Boston, and Christina says she's chosen Mayo. In the boardroom, Owen erases Karev, Yang, and Grey off his whiteboard.

    Jackson comforts April in the bar. She accuses him of pitying her and storms off.

    Meredith and Derek chat on the Boise flight. Mark's in front of them. Arizona, Christina, and Lexie are also on the flight. The plane crashes into burning wreckage in the forest. Meredith lies unconscious on the ground.

    Candi's Comments:

    The underlying tension of the residents deciding to stay or go throughout the episode was effective. It was poignant to see Christina make up with Owen only to say she was leaving. The scenes with Arizona and Nick were so moving! Mark's awkwardness around Lexie is funny. April's too much of a headcase now. I felt so awful for Bailey and Ben, and proud of Karev! What a stunning end with the plane crash as Owen wiped names off the board. Cannot wait until next week.

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