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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Moment Of Truth. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Moment Of Truth.

    Thursday, April 26 2012
    Lexie and Mark interact, the residents go to take their boards, and Richard meets Catherine again.

    Outside at the shuttle, Owen comforts a keyed-up April who is panicking over the thought of failing her boards. Mark coaches Jackson, who is distracted, and Teddy advises an unreceptive Christina. Bailey tells Arizona she feels like she's witnessing a miracle.

    Inside at the daycare, Derek and Callie pry Zola, who is sick with a fever, from Meredith's arms and urge her to go take her boards. Down the hall, Arizona finds Karev with Morgan and her baby. She gives him a pep talk and ushers him out onto the shuttle.

    At the nurses' station, Mark startles Lexie by saying he needs her. He clarifies that he needs her for surgery. She makes an excuse, but then makes awkward chit-chat. Later, Mark reappears and asks Lexie why she and Jackson broke up. He's called away before she can respond. When Mark finds Lexie again, he says he misses talking to her. She says she misses him too. Lexie's about to tell him why she broke up with Jackson, but he interrupts to suggest if she's not over him, she should tell him.

    Owen, Bailey, Teddy, and Callie treat a young man who comes into trauma. His mother doesn't know why he was driving and not at practice. Bickering ensues about how to deal with the case. Owen decides they'll do two different surgeries at once. Bailey begs Callie to stay in the surgery because of the tension between Teddy and Owen. She backs out the door. When the patient codes, Owen says, "I knew it," and walks out. Callie returns and Teddy complains. Bailey finally confronts her about blaming Owen for Henry's death.

    At the boards venue, April offends a guy named Kevin Banks - it turns out she once took his job. Meredith starts throwing up - she has Zola's stomach flu. April freaks, saying she's going to sabotage them all. Karev calls back to the hospital regarding Morgan's baby, Tommy. Jackson's mom shows up with his lucky pencil. Karev teases him.

    Up in their suites, Christina, Jackson, April, and Karev study. April cries. Karev confers by phone with Arizona about Tommy having surgery. He hangs up and announces he's going back to Seattle. In the adjoining room, Meredith, sick as a dog, phones Derek. He tells her Zola is fine and smiling - she's screaming. Christina arrives in a mask with Gatorade. Meredith worries about not being there for Zola. Christina tells her Owen slept with someone. Meredith says he's a pig. They discuss what Christina will do. Christina says he screwed someone when drunk - if she did it, she wouldn't want Owen to leave her. She then says she wants to leave him - she'll go to another hospital. Meredith says she'd be leaving her too.

    Karev arrives in Tommy's surgery. Arizona sighs and tells him there is nothing more she can do for the baby - she's closing. They go to give Morgan the news - Tommy is not going to survive. Alex holds her as she sobs. They go to turn off the ventilator. Morgan holds the baby. Alex says he'll pass in minutes or hours. When the end comes, Alex comforts her silently. Arizona pulls Alex aside and urges him to make his boards.

    At the boards venue, April and Jackson are at a restaurant bar. Kevin Banks comes over to apologize, but he's drunk and sarcastic. Jackson tries to get rid of him, and April punches him. He then punches Jackson! Richard breaks up the brawl and reads April the riot act. Richard spots Catherine Avery and they embrace and catch up. Richard tells her Jackson is in good shape for boards. They discuss Adele. Over dinner, Catherine gets flirty. She grabs the waiter and asks for the check.

    April and Jackson return to their room laughing. April suddenly kisses him - repeatedly. He intones, "You're a virgin, you're a virgin." She tells him it's okay. After they have sex, April giggles, and Jackson puffs that it was great. They have an awkward conversation about whether he should stay. He kisses her and goes.

    In Catherine's suite, she and Richard make love passionately. In the morning, Jackson comes to the door and is stunned to see Richard in a robe. Catherine gives him his pencil and then laughs with Richard.

    In the other suite, Christina hounds Meredith to get ready, but she's still puking. Christina says that's the last time - she can do this.

    Lexie returns home to find Derek has Zola in a bumblebee costume because she threw up on everything else. Lexie tells Derek that she still loves Mark.

    At Seattle Grace, Teddy finds Owen and tells him Christina texted to say she was going in and felt good. She thought he'd want to know.

    Outside the examination room, April tells Jackson that she was a virgin because she loved Jesus - now Jesus hates her. She gets called in. Jackson gets called and drops his lucky pencil - it breaks when a man steps on it. Down the hall, Meredith and Christina get called in, but Karen isn't there.

    Spoilers for Next Week:

    Jackson, Meredith, and Christina complain about their tests.

    Catherine tells Richard one of his doctors didn't pass their boards.

    Candi's Comments:

    Tonight's episode had everything I love about "Grey's Anatomy;" the relationships between the characters, drama and tension, emotional scenes, comedy, and passion! Loved Richard getting with Catherine - bring her to Seattle Grace! While we're at it, how about bringing over that cute Dr. Kevin Banks from the brawl. I can't believe April went from 'let's do this' to 'Jesus hates me' - wow, the fallout will be intense. Morgan losing her baby was sad - loved that Karev was there for her. He belongs at Seattle Grace working with Arizona. What did you think about tonight's episode? Let me know in the comments.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Blesseddiva at Friday, April 27 2012 08:43 AM

    "Karev" isn't there--on the last sentence.

    the scene with Lexie and Derek was really touching. She really feels for Mark, and he kept coming up with stupid reasons to be around her. I guess he didn't have Avery to hide behind anymore

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, April 29 2012 04:18 PM

    Mark is a hottie,so is Kevin Banks (JT from Y&R)... and Jackson!!!!

    After that fight, April wanted to get her groove on!!!! That adrenalin rush can do that to ya.....Now she has regrets....Can't take it back girl!!!!!

    Candace I'm with you: Bring Catherine (Debbie Allen) to Seatle her sponky attitude.......I guess Richard had to get to on to after loosing his Alzehimer's wife to another patient......Awwwww. so Sad!!!!!

    Did anyone pass the oral boards....I guess we will see next week.....

    Posted by notodo at Sunday, April 29 2012 04:23 PM

    Hey Candace! Will we see Kevin Banks (JT from Y&R) again on Grey's Anatomy? Inquire minds want to know.....

    Don't feel like surfing the net for the answer but I'm sure you have the inside

    Posted by Deeya at Wednesday, May 02 2012 08:12 AM

    I felt so bad for Lexie when Mark suggested that she give Jackson another chance. Especially since, at that same moment, Jackson and April were gettin it on like Marvin Gaye and not to mention that fact that she is IN love with Mark.

    Derek was a really good big brother and father.

    All the crap that Meredith has pulled and Derek hasn't left her tail yet but she is being so unforgiving towards Owen. Heck she almost ended Derek's career and he still didn't leave her tail. She was acting as if Yang and Owen were going steady and not married.

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