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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: The Girl With No Name. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: The Girl With No Name.

    Thursday, April 19 2012
    A torture victim comes to Seattle Grace, the residents interview for jobs, and relations thaw between Owen and Christina.

    At Adele's care home, Richard sits miserably watching her interact with others - she doesn't know him.

    The other residents tease Christina for being recruited by other hospitals. Owen comes in and says there's a trauma coming in. Christina stays silent so Meredith offers to assist. The patient, a teenage girl, has red marks around her ankles. X-rays reveal broken bones that didn't heal properly. Teddy says she saw injuries like these in Iraqi torture patients. Meredith asks her name. The girl says, "He called me Susan, but I think it's Holly." In surgery, Bailey explains this could be a girl who was abducted outside a store at age 6. It turns out she is.

    April attends an interview at another hospital. She boasts of her awards and accolades.

    In recovery, the psych consult is upset because Holly bonded with Meredith. She says Meredith must stay with her now. Richard tells Owen he'll deal with the parents - he should handle the press. Christina chides Meredith about putting her job interview second. Holly's parents arrive and want to hug her. She looks to Meredith for approval.

    Alex attends an interview at a hospital in Ohio. He's not impressed with the place.

    Owen startles Christina at home. He says they caught the girl's kidnapper last night. She tells him he can stay there until the boards are done.

    Back at the hospital, Meredith shows Holly photos from her childhood. Holly says she remembers it all; just like she remembers everything her kidnapper did to her. Downstairs, Owen handles the press, while Richard tries to explain to the parents why they can only see Holly for brief periods. Meredith appears and tells them Holly didn't remember anything.

    In the corridor, Owen tells April he heard back about her interview - her credentials were impressive, but her personality didn't go over well.

    Alex bickers with Christina and Meredith as they watch another surgery on Holly. Meredith says Holly still won't talk to her parents.

    Richard arrives to visit Adele and finds her in bed with another man. She orders him out. Outraged, Richard complains to the supervisor, and learns that the man is also an Alzheimer's patient.

    Eight days later, Christina acts cocky while dining with a representative from a New York hospital.

    At Seattle Grace, Callie questions Holly about a pelvic injury. Holly says it could have happened after she had the baby a few years ago; she thinks it died. Holly's mother rushes from the room in anguish.

    Christina finds Owen reassuring Holly's father that no one will take pictures of her. She reassures Owen, saying he's doing the best he can.

    Derek and Mark are playing with their daughters in the daycare when Bailey comes to get Tuck. They can't find him. Bailey freaks out and orders a 'code pink'. Suddenly Tuck appears with a nurse - he'd had a nose bleed.

    Jackson goes for an interview and walks out when they ask if his grandfather would give a lecture there.

    In the cafeteria, the residents bicker about interviews. Mark confronts Jackson about walking out on his interview. Holly enters, loads up a tray full of sweets, and smiles. Arizona tells Alex she got him another interview just outside of Tampa. He realizes she's deliberately sending him to crappy hospitals because she doesn't want him to leave.

    At the nurses station, Owen tells Christina she should be proud that Hopkins is recruiting her. She offers him an apple.

    Richard returns to the care center and tries to tell Adele he is her husband. He sings 'My Funny Valentine', but she just wants her lover. Richard tells Adele if she ever needs anything to call. Her lover appears and Adele beams. Richard leaves.

    Meredith and Holly talk in her room. Holly is upset because Meredith talks around what happened to her. She opens up to Meredith about her kidnapper. Meredith reassures her. Later, Holly goes into cardiac arrest. After surgery, Teddy reports in the board room that they were able to save her. All the doctors sign off on Holly going home. Owen thanks them all. Christina joins the applause for Owen. Meredith sees Holly off with her parents.

    Teddy accosts Owen at the nurses station and pleads with him to make Christina stay. Owen tells her she's the head of cardiology, and reminds her he's not her friend - she made that very clear.

    Christina, Jackson, April, and Alex meet up at the airport bar. Meredith joins them. They all head to catch flights until just Meredith and Christina are left. They do a shot of tequila. Christina assures Meredith she wants to leave - and says she should too.

    At her interview in Boston, Meredith tells the chief she is serious about joining their program - it's her only choice.

    Spoilers for Next Week:

    Meredith is throwing up.

    April hits on Jackson.

    Richard yells at Jackson and April.

    Candi's Comments:

    The story of the kidnapped girl was intense tonight. I really enjoyed watching the doctors come together on her case, and how she 'imprinted' on Meredith. The interview stuff was just okay, although it was cute how Arizona was sabotaging Karev to keep him at Seattle Grace. The Richard/Adele scenes were heartbreaking, but I feel like they're freeing him up for other stories - perhaps to date Katherine Avery? The civility between Owen and Christina was a step in the right direction. I could relate to Bailey's panic when her son went missing - a mother's worst nightmare indeed! What did you think of tonight's episode? Let me know in the comment section.

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