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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Support System. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Support System.

    Thursday, April 12 2012
    Mark acts as Chief of Surgery, Christina asks Owen for details, and Callie and Arizona have a ladies night for Teddy.

    At home, Christina is forcing Owen to recount the details of his one night stand. He has told her how he met the woman in a bar, but doesn't want to hurt Christina by saying more. She wants every detail.

    Callie pushes the stroller through the park while testing Meredith on a medical question. She tries to tell her she killed the hypothetical patient, but Meredith refuses to accept it. Callie grins - she's ready for the boards!

    At Seattle Grace, Meredith and Derek fool around, but get called to join everyone in the conference room. Mark strides in announcing that he's filling in for Owen as Chief of Surgery for the day. Bailey can't believe it. After, Teddy, Callie, and Arizona walk down the corridor. Teddy is giddy. Later, Callie tells Arizona she promised her they'd have a ladies night. They stop Bailey and pressure her to join them. Bailey agrees - if they buy.

    Richard, Bailey, and Meredith check on a man with liver failure. Meredith joins Alex, April, and Jackson at the nurses' station where they get into a discussion about the boards. Meredith becomes intense when they talk about Christina. Meredith phones Christina to check on her, She realizes Owen is there and things are tense. Alex, meanwhile, gets caught trying to take case files to study. He meets up with Lexie, who has a photographic memory, and takes her back to the files. April is there and they pressure her to help them study.

    Christina hangs up from Meredith and turns back to Owen at their place. He begins telling her how he met a friend of a patient after their last therapy session had gone wrong. They wound up at the bar, and then after, he kissed her outside. Christina sobs in agony, then storms into the washroom. Owen worries she's harming herself so tries to break the door - as she opens it. Christina laughs hysterically. Later, Christina theorizes that it would have been easier if he'd fallen in love with the other woman and left. Owen disagrees. He tries to explain doing this incredibly stupid thing - he was hurt. She realizes he wanted to hurt her back. Owen packs a bag and tells her he will never love another woman. Christina says, "You don't even remember her name."

    At the hospital, Ben is amused by Derek having to take orders from Sloane. Derek is not amused. Bailey spots Ben and complains about the upcoming ladies night. He lets her know he'd planned to be with her tonight. Melting, she says she'll get out of the girls' night. Next, she joins Sloane and Webber in the x-ray room. They bicker about what organs to put into Webber's patient. Sloane overrides Webber, which Bailey can't believe. Webber and Bailey return to the liver patient to break the bad news that they can't use the organs. The man is understanding. Richard can't take it - he becomes angry.

    In the cafeteria, Jackson tells Sloane he wants time to study for his boards. Derek appears and runs a surgery idea by Mark, who stuns him by saying he can do better! Derek meets Meredith in the daycare. He complains about Sloane, and Meredith talks about Christina and Owen.

    Bailey finds Callie and Arizona in Callie's office and says she can't make girls' night - she and Ben have salsa lessons. Callie rolls her eyes, "You just want to get laid." Arizona leaves and Mark stops her to say they have to have Sophia tonight - he's got Chief stuff to do. Arizona finds Callie and informs her they'll have to have Teddy at their place. Arizona goes to tell Teddy. She then finds Callie and Bailey who are donning jackets and tells them they all have to attend ladies night for Teddy - no excuses!

    Mark stops Meredith and Bailey from preparing the liver patient and goes to confront Richard who is harvesting the organs with benign tumors. Richard sets Mark straight and gets his way - the liver patient has his transplant. When he wakes up, he can't believe his family didn't come to check on him. Meredith calls Christina before leaving the hospital. Christina cries.

    Derek and Ben perform their surgery with Mark watching over them and patting himself on the back. Ben whispers, "When's Owen coming back?" Derek replies, "Not soon enough." Derek goes up to the roof and finds Owen there. Owen is surprised to hear Mark was Chief - he'd asked for Derek or Webber. They smirk and Derek says he won't say anything.

    Ladies night gets underway at Callie and Arizona's place. Bailey is there. Teddy arrives with 'Dirty Dancing' for them to watch.

    In the morning, Meredith gathers the others together to help them study for boards under 'The Grey Method'. Christina shows up.

    Spoilers for Next Week:

    Meredith and Christina treat a patient who has been tortured.

    Christina tells Meredith she wants to leave.

    Candi's Comments:

    The Christina and Owen scenes were tough to watch tonight, but very honest and raw. I was excited for ladies night, so disappointed that we didn't get to see some of the antics. Bailey and Ben's little interlude was hot! Mark being Chief of Surgery was a hoot - it's interesting how they sometimes treat him like the dumb jock though he's very intelligent. It was good that he got put in his place by Richard, but gave Derek a different perspective. What did you think about this episode? Let me know by commenting below!

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