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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: The Lion Sleeps Tonight. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: The Lion Sleeps Tonight.

    Thursday, April 05 2012

    At home, Owen tells Christina they need to talk - it's been a week. She doesn't respond.

    In her widow support group, Teddy listens to a woman tell about her late husband's heart condition and laughs. She informs her that he was a dead man walking! She leaves and meets up with Arizona and Torres, who have a tense moment when an intern hugs Arizona. Callie finds Mark to discuss it. He says the intern is hot, which makes it worse.

    At the hospital, Meredith tells Christina that she and Derek saw a lion in the street. Christina walks off when Owen appears. Meredith tells him to let her come to him.

    In the elevator, Mark talks about asking Julia to move in despite the fact that Derek just told him he saw a lion. Later, Derek grills Lexie in the x-ray room. She starts talking about Mark and Julia. Derek is incredulous. She stops. In pre-op, Lexie brings up Mark again, but Derek stops her. They operate on the patient, and Derek confides to Lexie that Mark won't move in with Julia if he knows he has a shot with her - so she must be sure.

    Jackson vies with Webber in the emergency bay to get the lion mauling victim. They wheel him inside calling for Torres. His girlfriend is in the other emergency room - she asks Bailey about Kirby - her lion! Bailey rants to Owen about the crazy lady and her lion as they scrub in. Owen tries to discuss his marriage with Meredith, but she orders him to stop. Mark and Callie join Jackson and Webber on the male mauling victim, who is lamenting his girlfriend not having a normal pet. After, Callie rejoins Arizona and learns she and the intern were a 'thing' before. Callie asks how many people she's been with. Arizona says one or two.

    Alex and Morgan check on her baby. She flirts. He asks Arizona to take him off the case. Arizona reluctantly lets him off her service. Alex joins Teddy and Christina in the lab. Alex and Teddy attend to a man having a heart attack - because he saw a lion. Alex is repeatedly paged about Morgan's baby. He and Jackson go back to the lab. Alex keeps trying to ignore his pager. Teddy, meanwhile, reassures the heart attack victim's wife.

    In the OR, Bailey rants about lions as pets. Meredith and Owen are silent. Bailey picks up on the tension. In the other OR, Mark and Webber react when Callie says Arizona has only been with one or two people. Jackson pulls a lion tooth from the patient. Meredith and Owen exit their OR. She tells him Christina didn't want her to hate him, but she does. Meredith checks on Christina in the lab - she's making new hearts.

    Arizona and April talk to Morgan about her baby in the NICU. Arizona tells her things are going downhill - she may need to allow natural death. Morgan finds Alex in the hall and hollers at him. He joins Teddy in surgery, but his pager goes off constantly. He turns it off and the surgery ends successfully. Meanwhile, Callie and Arizona bicker in the cafeteria. Arizona admits to a lot more hook-ups. Alex runs into Morgan who asks him what she should do. Alex tells her she has to decide on her own. Teddy goes to tell the heart attack victim's wife he made it, but finds her unconscious. Later, Teddy is forced to tell the recovering man that his wife has passed away. After, she stands in the mirror and says, "I am a widow."

    In recovery, Webber and Jackson tell the mauling victim he's a hero for getting in between his girlfriend and her lion. They wheel the girlfriend in, and she tells the man they are taking her lion away because of him! They argue. Jackson mutters, "An idiot dating an idiot." Webber takes Jackson to show him the collection of things they've removed from patients - they add the tooth.

    Arizona tells Alex, in the corridor, that she is operating on Morgan's baby. She compliments him on making her toughen up. Callie is joined in the hallway by Mark, who tells her to get over Arizona's number - everyone has a past. He jokes that Arizona has to live with them having been together.

    In his office, Owen apologizes to Bailey for earlier. He understands if she doesn't want to operate with him since Christina is one of her own. Bailey says he made a human mistake.

    Lexie runs into Mark in the elevator. They exit together, but Lexie turns back the other way.

    At home, Arizona is explaining herself, but Callie just pulls off her clothes and kisses her.

    Derek and Meredith put Zola to bed. She tells him if he ever cheats on her, she'll kill him. He promises he won't.

    Owen sits at the table with Christina at home. She throws her cereal and milk in his face.

    Candi's Comments:

    This episode delivered on dramatic moments, but was a bit of a downer on the whole. Callie and Arizona's end scene was good, as was Derek and Meredith's. I loved the collection of things removed from patients! I'm glad Teddy is finally making progress - her anger is getting old. What did you think of the episode? Hoping for more romance and comedic moments next week? Leave your comments below!

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    - Candace Young

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