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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: If Only You Were Lonely. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: If Only You Were Lonely.

    Thursday, February 23 2012
    Alex tends to Morgan's baby, Richard struggles with Adele, and Christina worries that Owen's cheating.

    In the hospital, Meredith chats to a very distracted Christina who is following a nurse. Christina watches as the nurse talks to Owen and touches his arm.

    Lexie joins Alex in pediatrics. They tend to Alex's interns premature baby. Morgan comes in with her boyfriend. Arizona follows and says the baby needs surgery. In the OR, Arizona allows Lexie to make the cut when they go in. The baby codes, but they save him. They return to Morgan and her boyfriend, who argue over the next course of treatment.

    In the boardroom, Teddy does a poor job of making a presentation about her new research. She exits the room and runs into Callie who suggests she get the chief of surgery on board. Teddy says she doesn't talk to Owen Hunt.

    Jackson and Mark take in a girl who was burned by an exploding espresso machine. Meredith takes the case of a man also injured. She calls for Torres. Callie arrives and spots Owen helping Meredith. She tells him he should help Teddy get support for her research. Meanwhile, Mark and Jackson have a disagreement while tending to the espresso machine girl. Jackson complains he's stressed over boards. Mark stuns him by asking if he's 'getting any'!

    Richard awakens at home to the smoke detector sounding. He finds a pan on fire in the kitchen and burns his arm dousing it. Adele whimpers in the corner, but she's okay.

    Meredith treats Richard's arm in the ER. She talks to him about the facility where she put her mother, and offers to make a call to get Adele in there. Richard says they're not there yet. Meredith returns to the man injured by the espresso machine. Christina is there and they listen as he talks about the sexual tension that's been building with the barista. Christina learns the barista doesn't even know who he is. Christina joins Alex and Meredith in the cafeteria. Alex has just finished arguing with Lexie about Morgan and her baby. Alex goes to check on the baby and Morgan tells her the boyfriend left. She asks his advice. Alex advises her to think like the parent, not a doctor. The boyfriend comes in and says the baby was a mistake anyway. Morgan tells him to go - she's offering him an out. Arizona returns to check on the baby and he starts vibrating. Alex confronts the boyfriend who is walking out, then returns to the baby and Morgan. He shows Lexie photos of the other babies he's saved.

    Richard and Adele visit the facility for Alzheimer's patients. Adele tells Richard the room is nice, but too small for them - she thinks they're young newlyweds. Richard takes her home. He stops into the hospital and tells Meredith that the facility isn't the answer. Meredith warns he can't handle this. He says he'll give her the best care there is at home.

    Teddy finds Callie in her office and tells her that she got the grant for her research - she doesn't know how, but doesn't care.

    Derek arrives at the daycare with Zola. Bailey asks him why Meredith's not dropping Zola off. Derek says she came in early. Mark arrives and the two men play with Sofia and Zola.

    Christina asks April about the nurses' schedule in her office. She finds out that the nurse she's been watching was reassigned by Owen. Christina joins Teddy and Meredith in a surgery. Owen comes in. He congratulates Teddy on her grant. She thanks him, but continues to bristle when he tries to help her. After surgery, Callie tells Owen she knows he helped Teddy get the grant. She suggests he tell her. Owen says she needs someone to vent at. Callie reminds him to still be the chief. Christina finds Owen and tries to get him to make love to her in the on-call room, but he pushes her away. She finds Meredith and tells her she believes Owen is cheating on her.

    Derek and Bailey do surgery together. They talk about Zola. Derek thinks it would be nice if she could hang out with kids who have the same 'roots'. Bailey eyeballs him. Later, Derek carries Zola out of the hospital and Bailey stops him. She says people aren't looking at him because he's white and Zola's black - it's because he didn't do her hair!

    Mark catches up with April and tries to entice her to hook-up with Jackson and relieve some stress. April gasps, "Dr. Sloan!" Mark hollers, "Take one for the team!" Later, Mark gets in the elevator with Jackson, who tells him to stop trying to set him up. Mark realizes Jackson still loves Lexie.

    Richard returns home to find Adele attacking her caregiver by throwing dishes at her. Richard grabs Adele, who thinks she's a teenager and doesn't recognize him at all. Richard cleans everything up and Adele later finds him crying. In a moment of clarity, she tells him she needs to go live at the facility.

    Meredith arrives home to find Bailey teaching Derek how to style Zola's hair.

    At home, Christina waits for Owen but he doesn't come. She starts going through all of his things. She hears him coming and dives into bed. He showers and she frets.

    Candi's Comments:

    Much to love about tonight's episode - Karev caring for the baby, Bailey telling Derek to do his baby's hair (hilarious!), and Mark trying to get Jackson some sex. The stuff with Richard and Adele is so sad, and Christina's suspicions about Owen make me so uncomfortable - I hope she's wrong. Teddy needs to straighten up - bring Andrew back to counsel her! Let me know what you thought about the episode below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Diana8254 at Friday, February 24 2012 10:40 AM

    I enjoyed the show but Callie is right Owen should tell Teddy to stop acting rude to him in surgery. I don't watch all the shows so I can't remember but I don't know if Owen was operating on Henry I thought it was Christina. I don't think Owen is cheating but not sure. I wouldn't be surprised. They should never have gotten married without her telling him she didn't want any children. Did she have abortion before?

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, February 24 2012 10:47 AM

    Great episode and recap.

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