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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: All You Need Is Love. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: All You Need Is Love.

    Thursday, February 09 2012
    Owen saves Christina's life, Ben proves he knows Bailey, and Lexie makes a move.

    At home, Meredith and Derek try to find someplace free of baby reminders to have sex while Zola is asleep. They ask Lexie to listen for her and go out to the car. Lexie raps on the window - Zola woke up. Lexie offers to babysit for them later - she has no plans.

    Callie and Arizona get coffee in the kitchen and discuss Callie's surprise romantic overnight plans for Valentine's Day. Callie says Mark got a babysitter, and then he'll be with Sophia.

    At work, Arizona quizzes Mark about where Callie is taking her. He informs her that it's their night with Sophia - he's going out with his girlfriend. Lexie overhears and says she has a hot date too. Nearby, Alex, April, and Jackson discuss Valentine's Day. Owen ruins the mood. Mark calls Jackson to officiate while he and Arizona do rock, paper, scissors to see who has Sophia - Mark loses.

    In the cafeteria, Bailey tells a wary Ben that she will not cancel their dinner plans for surgery - she even has high heels in the car!

    Meredith and Christina walk down the hall discussing whether or not Owen will leave. He appears and doles out assignments, but ignores Christina. Christina confronts Owen as a florist's van crashes into the hospital. He pushes her out of the way and saves her life. They tend to the driver who is worried about his roses. Owen orders April to throw away the flowers, but Richard tries to stop her. Lexie knows it's his anniversary. An arguing couple emerges from an ambulance. The woman is upset that the man never proposes. Richard splits them up. Meanwhile, Teddy joins Owen and Christina in the x-ray area. He agrees to let them operate together on the van driver. Once in surgery, a male doctor asks who has Valentine's plans. Teddy wryly tells him her husband died in that OR a month ago.

    Meredith checks on a young woman who has a seizure, and Derek comes to tell her husband she must be put into a medically-induced coma. Meredith confers with Bailey, who warns she has plans tonight. They go tell the husband they found a tumor. Once they determine what it is, Bailey is forced to tell Ben to push their reservation to 9.00 PM. Meredith and Bailey tell the husband his wife's ovaries need to be removed. In surgery, they find a teratoma on the second ovary. Later, Meredith shows Derek the ovary and he says she's sexy.

    In the ER, Alex treats a little girl having an allergic reaction. Her little boyfriend and his mom are there. The girl's mother arrives and reads the riot act. Alex gives the girl a shot and breaks up an argument between the mothers. The little girl goes into anaphylactic shock. Alex talks the boy down when he gets upset about having to leave. When the girl awakens, Alex reads a note from the boy.

    Mark and Jackson join Richard and Lexie in surgery. Mark tells Jackson he has to babysit. Richard runs interference when the subject of Lexie's hot date comes up. After, Lexie sits with the arguing couple. The lady now just wants the man to be okay. Lexie leaves and finds Mark eating chocolates and sulking over Julia standing him up. Lexie laughs that her hot date tonight is Zola. They rush to the arguing couple - the man hemorrhages and dies. After, in his things, Lexie finds a locket with 'will you marry me?' written inside.

    In the elevator, Owen tells Christina he's moving out. She cries. Owen joins Teddy to check on the van driver, who laments nearly dying trying to deliver flowers. Owen steps out with Teddy and tries to patch things up - he needs a friend. Teddy rages that she hates him - ever since he put the needs of the hospital before her husband's death. Teddy finds Christina and asks how Owen could ever think they'd be friends again.

    Callie surprises Arizona by taking her to Derek's trailer. Arizona is stunned to see it full of candles, food, wine, and lingerie on the bed.

    Bailey is preparing to leave the hospital when she gets another surgery call. Richard overhears and offers to do it. She says it's his anniversary. Richard says he went home and Adele didn't recognize him. Bailey finds Ben, who tells her dinner was hours ago. She rants about saving lives. He smiles and takes her for a romantic, private dinner in the cafeteria, and says he knows her.

    Lexie is home with Zola, pacing the floor and trying to decide whether or not to go tell Mark how she feels. Meredith and Derek come in and rush upstairs giggling to have sex.

    At home with Sophia, Mark opens the door to Jackson, who wants study help. He has wine and cooks dinner. Lexie shows up at the door and Mark invites her in - it's awkward, but Lexie grins.

    Christina finds Owen on the roof and begs him not to hate her. She places her hand on his chest and he touches her arm.

    Spoiler for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

    Callie and Richard discuss choosing a staff member for a special assignment - the meat grinder!

    Candi's Comments:

    I was slightly disappointed that this episode wasn't more 'romancey' to borrow Bailey's word, but it had plenty of emotion (Teddy!) and the usual strong "Grey's" story arcs. There was nothing that had me jumping out of my seat, but the bit with Alex and the kids was cute, and the romantic bits at the end were good - especially Ben's dinner - what a man! Let me know how you enjoyed this episode using the comment section!

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