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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Hope For The Hopeless. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Hope For The Hopeless.

    Thursday, January 19 2012
    Richard does his 10,000th surgery, Meredith tries to pick a specialty, and Owen snaps.

    Meredith feeds Zola at home. Alex's hook-up has used all of April's deodorant. Jackson smirks.

    At Mark's place, Julia has trimmed Arizona's hair. She leaves, telling Mark she loves him. He replies, "See ya'." Callie gives him trouble, reminding him that the Lexie ship has sailed.

    Richard arrives at Seattle Grace and is greeted with Bailey who lists the details of the celebration of his 10,000th surgery.

    Meredith meets with Owen in his office. He wants her to choose a specialty and encourages her toward general. Down the hall, Teddy and Christina are stopped by staff who have casseroles for Teddy. She hands them to Christina and takes off. Owen appears and Christina tells him she's done 8 surgeries in 72 hours - Teddy's boundless grief is the best thing to happen to her. They join Teddy on a trauma where an argument ensues over who will operate. Owen sends Teddy home and Christina to nap.

    Lexie and Derek look at an MRI at the hospital. She says 8 surgeons have deemed the tumor inoperable. Derek flips a coin to decide whether or not to do it. They meet with the mother, who says her son will die in three months anyway if he won't operate. Derek says it's just a 5% chance of success, but he'll try. He's stunned when the mother says the boy doesn't know about his tumor and thinks he is there for a backache! When Lexie takes the boy in for prep, he asks if the tumor's grown, admitting that he overheard doctors at another hospital. Lexie promises not to tell his mom. Later, Lexie watches the mother and son hug before surgery.

    Meredith catches up with Bailey who says Owen was right to suggest general for her. Mer joins Richard whose 10,000 surgery is a liver transplant between bickering sisters. Meredith steps out and catches Alex taunting Christina about the surgery he was given over her. Christina tells the patient's wife that Altman should be doing the surgery. Meredith returns to the sisters who argue heatedly until the sick one vomits.

    In April's office, she talks about moving out of Meredith's. Alex and Jackson tease her. Christina and Meredith enter. April also suggests Meredith do general like her mother. In the corridor, Arizona and Callie bug Mark to tell Julia he loves her. Teddy asks what's going on and Mark walks away. Christina tries to sneak past Owen. He wonders why she's not resting and asks for advice about Teddy. When he tries to talk to Teddy she pushes him away. Later, Owen learns from Alex that Yang and Altman took the heart surgery.

    Everyone watches April take a picture of Webber beginning his 10,000 surgery. April gets word someone is paging him. She goes to the lobby - it's Adele. When April gives instructions to a staff member, Adele disappears. She finds her crying about Richard always loving 'her'. She wails that she can't do it alone.

    In Richard's liver surgery, Bailey tells Meredith the reasons why practicing general medicine is so great. April brings Adele into the gallery. She freaks out when she thinks Meredith is her mother. Richard calms her over the intercom by singing. Adele joins in. Richard tells Meredith to have Bailey cancel the party. After the surgery, the sisters go right back to arguing. Meredith puts them in time out.

    Derek and Lexie operate on the boy's tumor. Everything that Lexie suggests, Derek says he'll die. When Derek wants to close up, Lexie blurts that he knows about the tumor. Derek tells her to leave the OR and closes. Lexie asks him to tell the boy the truth, but he refuses. When the boy wakes up, he tells his mother not to worry - he'll be with his dad in heaven.

    Owen enters the cardiac surgery and confronts Teddy and Christina. They refuse to talk to him and laugh as he leaves. Later, Teddy volunteers to watch the patient for the night. Christina leaves.

    At Zola's birthday party at home, Richard tells Meredith that Adele was doing much better and insisted he come. April talks to Alex and Jackson about a deposit on a new place. Derek takes a picture of himself, Meredith and Zola. Meredith decides to take the cake to Richard and they celebrate his 10,000 surgery. Callie and Arizona chat with Mark and Julia, who steps away. Mark tells Callie and Arizona to knock it off - he's not there yet with Julia. Owen watches Christina with Zola, and then walks off. She follows and says she's sorry. Derek makes Lexie feel better about today. Richard tells Meredith she's nothing like her mother, and has a gift. Everyone at the party hears Owen yelling at Christina. Owen tells Christina he's taking her off Teddy's surgery rotation. Christina says he's taking her guilt out on her. He says it's always about her, all the time. He says this it's about more than one surgery - it's about the life he envisioned for himself. He shouts, "You killed our baby!"

    Candi's Comments:

    Wow, what an intense end! I thought it was very realistic between Owen and Christina. Teddy shouldn't be working at all right now! The boy with the tumor really got to me - emotional! Can't wait to see April living with Alex and Jackson - funny stuff. Mark still wants Lexie, right? Meh. Overall, a pretty good episode. Share your thoughts below.

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    Posted by dafyduc at Friday, January 20 2012 06:56 AM

    Bout time Owen confronts Christine on her total self absorption. I used to really like her, but this cavalier way she has of killing her babies instead of using birth control totally turns me off

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, January 20 2012 10:04 AM

    Loved this one. The boy, the ending... loads of good stuff.

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