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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: This Magic Moment. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: This Magic Moment.

    Friday, January 13 2012
    The staff at Seattle Grace performs surgery to separate conjoined twins.

    Meredith and Derek make home videos with Zola at home.

    Later, at the hospital, Owen gives the staff a pep talk about an operation they are going to perform to separate conjoined twins. They will practice on dummies first. Arizona is up first and chastises another doctor. The others whisper about how uptight she’s being. Richard warns Alex not to let her do that to him.

    In another area of the hospital, Bailey bickers with Ben, who wants her to move in with him. She won’t give in or admit she has feelings for him. Bailey goes to get Meredith and tells her she’s going to open up about her personal life. She tells her she must ask questions a lot during the surgery today so Ben doesn’t get a chance to ask her about their personal life during the operation. They join Ben in surgery. He proceeds to talk about how great it is that Meredith and Derek work together and live together. Bailey points out the downside. Meredith goes for lunch, and Ben tells Bailey she can run, but she can’t hide. Bailey asks why he wants to rush things. He says if it’s not what she wants, then they’re not right for each other. Bailey protests that they’ve only been back together two weeks!

    In the waiting area, Lexie talks to the young parents of the conjoined twins, assuring them that the doctors have been practicing for weeks.

    The real conjoined twins are wheeled into the OR. Owen tells the staff, "Let’s give them new lives. It’s show time!" The surgery begins. Mark and Jackson finish their portion of the operation and head for the cafeteria. Lexie leaves to fill in the parents. The young father asks where the nearest bar is at, and leaves. The mother tells Lexie he’s a good father and they love each other. Lexie tells her she’s lucky.

    April is in surgery with Teddy. Christina enters and describes Henry’s operation to Teddy in great detail. April is very uncomfortable. When Christina is finished, Teddy asks her to say it all again. She does, and then Teddy asks specific questions. Teddy makes Christina recite the details again.

    In the twins’ OR, Alex tells Richard he’s wary about flipping the twins. Richard does it with Arizona. Lexie comes in and tells Alex that she told the parents he had this down. Meredith (who has Zola), Jackson, Christina, and Alex all meet up in the gallery to watch Derek’s portion of the surgery. April comes in and they discuss Teddy. Christina says she can handle it. Down in the OR, Callie and Arizona argue a bit. Derek asks for no more talking.

    In the waiting area, the young father of the twins returns. Lexie tells them the twins are about to be separated.

    In the OR, the twins are separated and there is a tense moment when there is no movement from the babies. When a foot moves, everyone, including Zola, applauds, but one of the babies has a renal failure.

    Lexie tells the parents of the twins about the renal failure. They start to freak out, saying the hospital talked them into this!

    Teddy and April go into another surgery, where Teddy once again has Christina there to recite the details of Henry’s surgery. April snaps and tells Teddy she can’t keep doing this – he’s gone! Teddy has Christina continue. By the end of surgery, Teddy is tearfully reciting along with Christina. She tells her not to blame herself – she did everything she would have done in that OR. Teddy sobs.

    Ben and Bailey are back in surgery. She tells him she wants to focus on her job while at work. It comes to light that a sponge is lost. Bailey orders them to check in the patient. Meredith gently says it’s on the bottom of Bailey’s shoe. Ben smirks, "Focus. Like a laser." Later, Bailey tells Ben she had it all, and it turned bad. Now she has him again and doesn’t want it to blow up. Ben suggests they be scared in the same house. He says it would be good for her son too. She agrees to take it one step at a time.

    In the twins’ surgery, Alex explains how they can save each other. He goes to take the healthier baby from the parents, who sob. They start the kidney transplant. Richard is impressed by Alex, and he apologizes for taking his moment away earlier. Karev invites him to scrub in on the transplant. Once they’re back in surgery, Alex is dismayed when Richard tells him that was easier than taking candy from a baby.

    Arizona catches up with Callie after the surgery. Callie says she was a monster in there and demonstrates. The young parents are reunited with their babies, and Karev bickers with Richard, who says he taught him not to give up surgeries – ever. Lexie thinks Mark tells her he wishes she was with him in there today, but he’s talking to Julie on the phone.

    At home, Zola takes her first steps as Derek scrambles to get the camera!

    Spoiler for Next Week on Grey’s Anatomy:

    Derek faces doing potentially fatal surgery on a boy with a tumor.

    Candi’s Comments:
    I felt like Teddy was really snapping tonight until she finally broke down, which came as a relief. I love Bailey working out her ‘stuff’ with Ben, but not much else in the episode really captured my attention and held it. Alex’s lesson from Richard was interesting. I’m glad to see Meredith and Derek enjoying happy time with Zola.

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