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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Suddenly. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Suddenly.

    Thursday, January 05 2012
    The ER helps the victims from the crash, Christina is forced to operate with Teddy, and Meredith and Derek get a huge surprise.

    At the scene of the accident, Meredith hands the baby to a young woman so she can help Alex attend to her family who are unconscious on the pavement. Meredith finds a boy whose legs are trapped in the wreckage. Alex hollers that a car's coming - she has to get out of there! Meredith steps out to flag it down. The truck stops just in time.

    At Seattle Grace, Jackson speaks to a family member on the phone about the patient Teddy is operating on. Nearby, Richard and Bailey argue about whether to let Teddy continue to operate without telling her about Henry. Richard insists she'll understand.

    Meredith and Alex come into the ER with the family from the accident. Owen tells April about Henry. Alex attends to the baby from the ambulance before joining the others dealing with the traumas. Owen is paged by Teddy. He goes to OR where she tells him she needs Christina. Meredith is working on the boy from the accident when he notices the mother is coding. She tries to keep her alive, but can't. Alex, meanwhile, insists to Arizona that he be allowed to continue with the baby - he's been with her since yesterday! Arizona allows it, but after a while makes him take a break as he's in shock.

    In another room, Lexie listens as Mark tells Derek he will call his girlfriend in to help them on a surgery. Julia arrives and Lexie apologizes for hitting her with the baseball. Julia proceeds to impress Derek and Mark with her diagnosis of the patient. They all head into surgery to save the patient's eye. In surgery, Julia removes glass from the eye. She and Lexie walk down the hall together after. Julia admits she was nervous and Lexie likes her. Derek and Mark come out talking about what a keeper Julia is.

    Owen finds Christina and pulls her into a stairwell to ask her to join Teddy in the OR. Christina realizes he hasn't told her about Henry dying yet. She says she can't do it, but Owen insists they can't lose the patient's life. Christina takes a deep breath and enters Teddy's OR. Teddy stuns her by thanking her 'for Henry' saying she was the only one she trusted to do the surgery. April watches from the gallery. When Teddy asks Christina how Henry's doing, she covers by making fun of April. Jackson joins April, who explains what's going on. Teddy has upbeat music brought in to keep them awake. She wants Christina to whoop it up and have fun. When they are nearly done, Christina demands April close.

    Meredith joins Bailey and Ben to operate on the boy from the accident. Bailey and Ben bicker until the boy has a complication. They realize the boy's condition is inherited. Meredith takes off to warn those operating on the other family members. Bailey tells Ben he probably saved the boy, but the friendly moment passes.

    Owen joins Richard and Callie in another OR. Callie is outraged to hear that he put Yang in with Teddy. Owen snaps that it was her mistake that put them in this position in the first place.

    The horrified young woman from the accident watches as her father codes. Meredith, getting stitches from Alex, rushes off to try to save the man when she hears the young woman's cries. They revive him, but Meredith has to tell her his organs are failing. The young woman wants to stop the extraordinary measures. They take him off life support.

    Christina takes Teddy into a private room and tells her in technical terms about Henry's surgery. She says, "He did not survive the surgery, I'm sorry." Teddy needs her to say he's dead. She does. Teddy thanks her and shakily exits. Christina and Owen argue after when he says he should have told Teddy. Christina says she had to do it.

    Teddy enters the morgue and asks for Henry's chart. She braces herself before lifting the cover off Henry's face. She strokes his forehead and sobs.

    In the corridor, Callie tells Jackson she will be taking responsibility for his mistake and he will learn from it.

    In the staff room, Ben tells Bailey he understands why she lashed out after he mentioned Henry. She says he doesn't have to give her quite so much space. He sits at her table and holds her hand.

    At home, Meredith lays her head on the kitchen island after being up for 39 hours. Derek joins her as the doorbell rings. Instead of being the pizza they ordered, it's Zola!

    Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

    The Seattle Grace team does a risky surgery on twin babies.

    Candi's Comments: A very powerful episode - I lost track of how many times I was drawn into the emotion of the scenes. Poor Christina having to whoop it up in surgery before telling Teddy that Henry had died. Teddy's scene with Henry in the morgue was heartbreaking. All of it was good - enjoyed Ben and Bailey tentatively getting closer too. The surprise ending with Derek and Meredith getting Zola back was unexpected and made for a warm fuzzy conclusion!

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, January 06 2012 09:33 AM

    Finally! I have been going thru some serious Grey’s withdrawals. Thanks for the update Candace!

    I haven’t watched yet but am excited that Zola is with her parents where she belongs! I do need a refresher though…I thought that it was Callie who botched that surgery?

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, January 06 2012 11:36 AM


    Posted by Candace at Friday, January 06 2012 04:00 PM

    Jackson botched the surgery, but he was under Callie's supervision. She was reading a magazine instead of watching him...

    Posted by Ariddle1526 at Saturday, January 07 2012 08:53 AM

    Best show in a long time, reminded me of the early shows which in my opinion were the best. Love Grey's Anatomy

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