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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Heart-Shaped Box. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Heart-Shaped Box.

    Thursday, November 03 2011
    Jackson makes a decision, Meredith deals with Louise O'Malley, and Richard inspires Christina.

    In bed at home, Meredith and Derek kiss and discuss the upcoming hearing about Zola.

    Lexie sees Jackson coming into the hospital and says she missed him this morning. The elevator opens and Mark's there. Jackson notes Lexie's reaction. Down the way, Arizona tells Alex a new pediatric hopeful is arriving. Upstairs, Lexie and Derek see an author who wants to finish writing her book before surgery. Derek tells Lexie to get the author to agree to surgery. Lexie tries to convince the author, but ends up agreeing to help her finish the book first.

    In the corridor, Bailey tells Meredith she's giving her responsibility for a VIP - George O'Malley's mother. Louise is thrilled to have Meredith as her doctor. In the OR, Teddy asks Christina about her wish list. Christina needs more time. Henry watches from the gallery. They are about to do a heart transplant when the recipient dies - the heart has no place to go. Teddy finds a new recipient, and makes Christina stay with the heart until it's picked up. Richard enters and reads Christina's wish list. He points to the heart in the box and says it's the key to the list.

    In April's office, Jackson asks her to take him off plastics for the day. She eventually agrees after Alex comes in complaining about pediatrics. Mark finds out and confronts Jackson, who makes an excuse about having a paper that's due. When Jackson goes for lunch, Alex tells him Mark misses him.

    As Meredith wheels Louise up the hall, Callie appears with Arizona. She greets her ex-mother-in-law, and introduces Arizona as Dr. Robbins. Arizona leaves. Callie catches up with her and apologizes. Arizona says it was fine. She goes to find pediatrics hopeful, Polly. Meredith, April, Alex, and Jackson join Christina for lunch. They talk about George and his mother. Christina blurts, "Heart in a box, heart in an elevator. Webber's a genius."

    Derek finds Lexie helping the author write her book. She tells him you can't rush the creative process. Meanwhile, Meredith angers Bailey by not following instructions where Louise is concerned. Meredith returns to Louise's room, where she says she noticed a ring on Callie's finger. Meredith finds Callie and warns that Louise knows she's re-married. Meredith talks Bailey into letting her do the surgery. In the OR, Bailey tells Meredith that watching her do what she did to her career was maddening - she was her favorite; the good one.

    Henry catches up with Teddy and tells her how hot she was performing surgery. She pulls him into the on-call room. He asks what happens in there. Teddy kisses him passionately. After they make love, Henry tells her he wants to go to medical school. He wants to watch her next surgery. As they prepare, they argue about his idea to do med school. Teddy doesn't want to spend ten years married to a med student. Henry leaves.

    Jackson watches from the gallery as Mark begins his surgery with Alex assisting. Richard tells Jackson he should be down there grafting nerves - he suggests he go see the heart in a box. In the OR, Mark asks Alex what's up with Jackson. After, Mark goes to talk to Derek about his connection with Jackson. Derek makes fun of him in front of Owen. Down the hall, Lexie gets so into the story as the author dictates, that she questions the ending. The woman seizes. They get her into surgery. Lexie complains to Derek about the ending of the book.

    Jackson joins Christina in the room with the heart in a box. She explains how the heart in a box lets you know what's important. He leaves and pages Lexie. He tells her he avoided a surgery today because of this thing between her and Mark. He says he's letting her go for the sake of his career. Lexie says, "You're picking Mark." Christina, meanwhile, tells Richard he was right - the heart was the key. He approves her new list and shows her one of his own - he was inspired. The team arrives and takes the heart.

    Lexie checks on the author when she awakens in her room. They bicker about the ending of the book, and it's clear Lexie is thinking about Mark and Jackson - she cries. They decide to work some more. In the x-ray room, Owen argues with Derek about his choice to do risky surgeries. He says he gets to choose what he worries about now.

    Callie is with Louise when she wakes up in her room. She blurts that she likes girls, she's married to Dr. Robbins, and tells her about Sophia. Louise is thrilled she has a baby and they tearfully look at photos.

    In the bar, Alex overhears Polly talking about how Arizona kept bragging about him. He smirks as she leaves to catch a plane. Christina and Meredith enter and Alex talks to them honestly about George.

    In the parking lot, Mark and Jackson reaffirm their plastics connection. Jackson promises to be in surgery tomorrow. They beam.

    Teddy arrives home, commentng to Henry that they had their first real fight. He turns around and is coughing up blood.

    Spoilers for Next Week:

    Meredith and Derek embrace. He says they'll find a way. Meredith says if they lose their baby she doesn't want another one.

    Meredith risks her life to stay with a baby in a crisis situation.

    Candi's Comments:

    I loved seeing Louise O'Malley again, and was glad Arizona was understanding toward Callie. It was amazing that Bailey and Meredith finally cleared the air - awesome scene. The Jackson/Mark connection made for some comic relief, but left me dreading an eventual Mark/Lexie reunion. It's so sad that Henry is sick again. The bit with Richard and Christina and the heart in a box was cute. It was nice to see Alex have some positivity at the end of the show. Overall, it wasn't the most exciting episode, but I liked it anyway. Let me know what you thought using the comment section below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, November 04 2011 06:54 AM

    Thanks for the spoilers Candi! I did watch last night but I have four kids at home so I’m often distracted which is why I still read your updates. I am so glad that Bailey finally explained her disappointment toward Meredith. The way she’s been treating her for the last few weeks was beginning to irritate me. And that’s hard because I love Bailey!

    I don’t want to see Mark & Lexie get back together. His character has really out grown Lexie. I liked Jackson w/Lexie but I’m glad that he chose his career.

    Seeing Mrs. O’Malley made me want to pull out my DVD’s and start watching from season 1.

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