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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Poker Face - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Poker Face

    Thursday, October 20 2011
    Derek operates on a high-risk case, Alex argues with a heart patient, and Meredith secretly works on Bailey's trial.

    Arizona wakes up Callie in their bed. Mark appears with Eggs Benedict and they both try to get Callie to eat. She only wants coffee.

    At the hospital, Meredith delivers a baby, and Bailey keeps Richard out of the mouse trial. Inside, she and April work together on it. Owen calls a meeting, during which Christina mocks Meredith for wearing pink scrubs and April shows up late. Christina sends Owen a sext to throw him off his game.

    Lexie tries unsuccessfully to deal with Derek at the nurses' station. Meredith warns her to learn his rules. Derek flirts with Meredith and they kiss. Callie comes in and complains to Christina about Mark and Arizona bonding. They go in to see Tyler, who has a degenerative bone disease - they're going to build him a new neck. Nearby, Meredith helps a woman in labor two weeks early. The husband says she has a brain tumor. Meredith tells Lexie the woman has a butterfly tumor - she wants her to take the case to Derek.

    Alex and Teddy check on a patient with a narrowed aortic valve - he needs open heart surgery. The man refuses to do it because he'll have a 10-inch scar and it will scare off the ladies. Meanwhile, Christina is taken aback with Callie's approach to surgery. Christina's phone goes off and the nurse reads the sext and is wide-eyed.

    Derek joins Owen in his office to vent about work. Mark enters talking about baking scones. Derek gets called away to see Lexie. Later, Christina and Owen get busy in the conference room. Richard walks in. Christina goes and Richard chastises Owen. Down the hall, Derek looks at the butterfly tumor Lexie shows him and pronounces it inoperable.

    At home that night, Meredith fishes for information about the tumor from Derek. She comes up empty so grills Lexie, who is in the shower.

    April asks Alex to cover night shift in the ER. He says no, and tells her she's bad at being chief resident. Christina spends the night watching over her neck patient. In the morning, she joins Meredith in an office where Lexie is trying to get her to work on the mice trial. They laugh when she asserts herself, until she makes threats. Meredith agrees to help out. After, Christina tells Meredith she's wasting time fooling around with vaginas and mice. Alex goes back to the heart patient, and ends up frustrated trying to talk him into surgery.

    When Derek arrives at the hospital in the morning, Lexie shows him the butterfly tumor scans - this time he's intrigued. Richard catches Meredith coming out of the mice trial. She confides that some of them are hypoglycemic.

    Callie and Christina are working on the neck patient again. Mark and Arizona are in the OR discussing dinner. Callie snaps at them. Down the hall, Derek tells the lady with the butterfly tumor he can operate. Her husband doesn't want her to do it.

    The residents gather in April's office, where Christina sexts, Meredith gets frustrated with Lexie, and Alex complains about his heart patient. He goes back to see the patient and tells him he doesn't want to die over a scar. Teddy takes the heart patient from Alex, saying he's let the fear of a bad outcome get to him. Christina goes to meet Owen for sex in the on-call room, but Richard is in the top bunk. Meredith finds the butterfly tumor lady's husband and talks him into letting Derek operate.

    Callie arrives at home and kisses Arizona. She wants to fool around, but Mark materializes with dinner.

    Derek goes into surgery with butterfly tumor lady. Callie and Christina are in the next OR with the neck patient. Christina questions Callie and she kicks her off the case. In a nearby room, Richard and Meredith secretly meet about the mice. Meredith goes and reports to Lexie. Bailey hears her and rants in outrage. Meredith growls at her to read her research. After surgery, Callie tells Christina she picked her because she's a risk-taker. She tells her, "Don't let the fear get to you." Derek emerges from his surgery and tells the waiting husband they got the whole tumor. He cries.

    Bailey calls Richard into the mouse lab and tells him Meredith Grey figured out why the mice were hypoglycemic. Richard sends her to rest.

    At the bar, Lexie, Jackson, Alex, and April meet up. Alex makes fun of April, who gets tough and gives them all orders for tomorrow. Outside the hospital, Christina grabs Owen's ass and kisses him. He warns her no more sex in the hospital. They head home. Callie arrives at home and tells Mark, who is cooking, that she loves him but he's got to go - he's babysitting and she and Arizona are having sex. At their house, Derek tells Meredith he had a great day. She pretends to know nothing.

    Candi's Comments:

    Tonight's episode was middle-of-the-road. I enjoyed the cases, and especially the guest roles of Marilu Henner and Lee Majors. It was refreshing to see some sex and fun happening. I missed Bailey's love life this week - I wanted to see her with Ben! Let me know what you thought of this week's episode in the comment section below.

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    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, October 20 2011 10:22 PM

    Always loved Derek and Meredith and if she really is
    leaving the will hurt "Grey's" just like
    John and Marlena's leaving DOOL!! Have watched this
    show from its beginning..and with the exception of
    all the bed is very good!! Now
    it's not even in bed...its in the "conference room"!!!

    Loved the chemistry between those two from day one..
    and glad in the final decision he picked her over

    Not crazy about the gal that plays the dr. that
    always gives Christina a hard when she
    wanted the guy Christina finally married...because
    she knew him from combat days!!

    Arizona and her wife seem to work out their relationship
    pretty decently.

    Would like to see Meredith's sister back with Mr. Sexy
    because he really loves least that is my take
    on it.

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Thursday, October 20 2011 10:23 PM

    And it was nice seeing "the six million dollar man"..
    "Lee Majors" again!!! Now talk about sexy...that guy
    use to be S E X Y !!!:))

    Posted by holdingonfordearlife at Saturday, October 22 2011 03:51 AM

    Derek's ex-wife's name was Addison...I put Allison in
    the first post. Sorry!

    Mark seem's to enjoy babysitting his little one..while
    mommie and wife have some down time....

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