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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: What Is It About Men. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: What Is It About Men.

    Thursday, October 06 2011
    Jackson deals with Mark, Mark looks after Sophia, and the staff deals with traumas from a comic convention.

    Meredith and Derek wake up at home. She asks about a surgery he's going to be doing. He tells her to talk about something else - he's not doing the thing where she's sad about every case because she's off his service. Downstairs, April complains about finding female panties in the laundry. Jackson covers for Alex, saying they're Lexie's. Meanwhile, Mark is looking after Baby Sophia, and repeatedly reassuring Callie over the phone that they're fine.

    At the hospital, Alex and Jackson shoot the breeze. Richard comes in asking about surgeries. Jackson reminds Alex he's late for a lab with Derek. Richard gives him an excuse to use - he's been with Mayfield in 22.

    Ben and Derek are in surgery when Alex sails in. He uses the excuse Richard gave him and it works like a dream. After, Derek joins Mark and Richard, who are watching Owen in his chief of surgery office and speculating that he can't handle it. Owen comes out and tells them there are a large number of traumas coming in due to a stampede at a comic convention.

    In the ER, strangely costumed patients pile in from the comic convention. Richard vies for a challenging trauma, hollering, "That's my sexy zombie nurse!" Once behind the curtain, he realizes that her wounds and blood are fake. Nearby, Jackson deals with a man whose ear's been ripped off, and Alex rolls his eyes at a Hobbit. Suddenly, the Hobbit spots April and falls in love. Mark arrives and overrides Jackson with the ear guy. Avery's frustrated.

    Derek gets called to the nurses' station where Ben is arguing with Eli over a botched epidural. Derek pulls Ben away and asks if this is about Bailey. Ben realizes she is dating Eli. In the boardroom, Owen does paperwork but is drawn to the traumas happening around him. Alex is scrubbing in with Derek, who puts him off his service after they bicker. Alex slams out and confers with Richard and Jackson. Derek finishes up and finds Owen, telling him they're getting out of there.

    Derek takes Owen to work on the dream house, where he teases him about people taking bets how long he'll last as chief. Owen mutters about walking on eggshells at home too.

    In the on-call room, Mark answers the phone to Callie again and the baby disappears - she's beneath the sofa. Mark says into the phone, "Guess who just rolled over for the first time?" Later, he heads out with Sophia and corrals Alex to check her over because she hasn't cried - Alex is the only one who won't tell Arizona. Alex pronounces Sophia to be fine and walks out on Mark. He finds that the Hobbit has returned claiming to have chest pains - he wants to be near April. When April has to deal with a violent patient, Hobbit man jumps in and gets beat up. Owen appears and punches the violent man.

    Back in his office, Owen cleans out a few things. Bailey comes in and takes off with his lamp. Jackson and Derek are with the earless guy - he argues with his roommate about a trading card and suddenly loses feeling in his legs. Mark comes in to confer. Both men are impressed with Jackson's suggestions.

    Alex invites Richard to help him operate on the Hobbit. Richard imparts advice during surgery. The Hobbit bottoms out and they save him. In the next OR, Ben grills Derek about Bailey and Eli, while Jackson argues with Mark, who won't let him do anything.

    At the dream house, Jackson, Ben, and Owen all work out their frustrations with hammers. Jackson rants about Mark.

    Back at the hospital, Jackson uses the Mayfield excuse to get out of a skills lab with Bailey. When he tells Richard, he laughs his head off. Alex is paged to meet Mark, who insists something is wrong with Sophia - she's still not crying. Alex there's nothing wrong - he's a good dad. He heads off to chat with the recovering Hobbit. April comes in and thanks the Hobbit.

    During the ear attachment surgery, Jackson tells Mark he has a chance to scrub in on Derek's surgery tomorrow. Mark suddenly lets him sew the ear back on. Meanwhile, Owen visits the violent patient whose jaw he broke - and wired back together. He tells him how many people he hurt, grabs his jaw, and tells him he doesn't apologize for things he feels good about.

    In the corridor later, Jackson and Alex realize that Mayfield, of the excuse they used, is an erectile dysfunction specialist. Richard gives Alex back his Africa paper - he has to basically start over. Jackson tells Alex to grab his coat.

    Jackson and Alex show up at the dream house. Alex makes peace with Derek and joins the others who are hammering. Suddenly, Mark shows up and confronts Derek about trying to steal Jackson. Owen takes Sophia while Mark hashes things out with Derek and Jackson. Derek tells Mark he's only interested in educating Jackson because he's not getting laid. Derek opens up about the recent events in his life. Owen hands Sophia back to Mark for a fresh diaper.

    Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

    Jackson's mother turns up to perform surgery at Seattle Grace.

    Zola has to have surgery.

    Candi's Comments:

    I enjoyed this week more than last week - it was definitely a kick to have the narrative from the men's point-of-view. I think things have been a little too lean in the romance department, but the medical drama has been as good as ever, and there was more comedy this week - loved that! Last thing - it killed me to see Owen with that baby. What did you think of this week's episode? Be sure to tell me in the comments section.

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    Posted by dovey2316 at Friday, October 07 2011 06:51 AM

    Last night show was good, I think Owen isn't ready to have a child but think more upset his wife would do what she did.

    Posted by hunnieluvsthesoaps at Sunday, October 09 2011 06:26 PM

    Best show in a long time! Loved it being from the guys point of view for a change. Sorry, but Meredith is so freaking whiney!

    Posted by complicatedlady at Thursday, October 13 2011 01:01 AM

    Last week I wondered why Christina didn't have the baby and let Mer and Derek adopt it. Owen could have been part of his child's life. Guess that was to complicated for the show. I'm very upset about the fight between Derek and Mer. He should have understood her need to help Adele. And she didn't change the outcome of the trial with what she did. Alex was angry because Mer did what he was afraid he would do during the trial.

    I want the kind, funny and loving Derek back. I can't stand this "macho man, you betrayed me" Derek.

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