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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Grey's Anatomy: Take The Lead. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Grey's Anatomy: Take The Lead.

    Thursday, September 29 2011
    Richard resigns, the residents do solo surgeries, and couples finally talk.

    Richard calls a meeting to let the doctors know that effective immediately the residents begin doing solo surgeries. Callie jokes that the morgue has been alerted. Richard then tells everyone that he has resigned and Owen Hunt is the new chief of surgery. The residents head down to check out the surgery board. They troop into April's office where she advises they'll be teaching skills labs. Jackson tells Christina that Owen is now chief of surgery.

    Walking up the hall, Christina asks Meredith how she didn't know her husband was chief of surgery. Owen appears and he and Christina have an awkward congratulatory discussion.

    Derek listens as Meredith tells a patient she will be operating on his brain aneurysm, but it's her first surgery. Derek assures the man he'll be there. Meredith wants to discuss the baby and their future, but Derek says to focus on surgery. After, Meredith talks to Richard about doing her first aneurysm. He asks if she and Derek can operate together. She tells him they're fine.

    Jackson tells a mother whose baby has a cleft lip that it's best to operate on the baby now. After, Arizona tells him he was great with the mom, but she has decided to have Sloane do the surgery.

    April and Alex go in to see a patient who is having a laroscopy. Father and son are joking, but Alex speaks bluntly. April leaves and catches up with Owen and Callie. Owen advises her to give orders to the residents. Bailey appears beside Owen and angrily demands her call schedule. After, Callie asks Owen if he relishes having Bailey as an enemy. April returns to the patient's room and reassures the son about Alex, who the man says seems 'douchey'. April confronts Alex about his bedside manner. He snaps at her. She realizes he's nervous.

    Christina takes her students in to check on her mitral valve patient. She chastises them for not checking her abdomen. After, she confers with Teddy about the surgery, then goes to where Alex is operating on a pig. April, Jackson, and Meredith join in. Arizona comes to check in. Jackson has done a perfect operation on the lip. She gives him back his surgery.

    Owen catches up with Bailey and presents her with a new schedule. No matter what he offers she bites his head off, and finally she leaves. Owen catches up with Bailey again later and tries to make nice. It doesn't work. Richard tells her to be mad at him instead. He assures her he's happy - Meredith gave him more time with Adele.

    Christina drills her interns in the skills lab and nearly brings one young woman to tears. After, she prepares for surgery. Owen passes by and they have another awkward conversation about picking up dinner. Meredith tells Christina they're like roommates. Meredith goes into surgery with Derek. Once into the man's brain, Meredith and Derek argue over which clip she'll use. She does it all on her own successfully and everyone assisting claps at the end. Derek joins in.

    April and Alex go into surgery with Richard. April realizes Alex practiced on the wrong side of the table. Alex is extremely tense as he tries to see if the intestines are viable. He doubts himself and starts to ask questions. Richard won't reply. Alex closes and lets the man go. April assures him he did everything he could. Alex goes to tell the man's son.

    Arizona is in with Jackson while he operates on the baby. She unnerves him by saying he's responsible for the boy's appearance. Jackson lets her bring Mark in to do the surgery.

    Christina is doing the mitral valve surgery and Teddy asks one question after another. Christina shushes her and then says she can't remember what comes next. She asks Teddy and realizes she doesn't know either. They decide what to do together and agree never to speak of it.

    The residents meet up in April's office after their surgeries. When they rib Alex about his unsuccessful surgery, April pipes up that Jackson didn't even touch his patient.

    At home, Christina tells Owen they should talk. Owen runs to throw up, and then hollers, "Did you eat the spring rolls?" Later, they are both on the bathroom floor, but share a laugh.

    At Meredith's house, Derek says she hasn't even suffered for messing with the clinical trial. She says she lost Zola. Derek wants her to be sorry. Meredith says he doesn't trust her, so why is he with her. Derek points to the post-it note and says he promised he wouldn't run and he's trying hard. He says he knows why she's done everything she's done - that's what he loves about her. She says, "And what you hate about me." She offers to take herself off his service - that will be her consequence. They fall asleep side-by-side.

    Candi's Comments:

    The spoiler about Richard resigning and Owen becoming chief of surgery was leaked so early on that it lacked impact in the episode. I was semi-bored for much of the show tonight, although as always, there were many interesting moments and glimpses into the characters. I was more interested in the scenes between Derek and Meredith and Christina and Owen at the end, than any of the rest of it. What did you think? Be sure to let me know using the comment section below.

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    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 30 2011 11:38 AM

    I thought the bits of operating were exciting - that or you wrote them to be exciting. :P

    Posted by smurf18 at Friday, September 30 2011 11:50 AM

    I really like the way they are letting us see the real Jackson. He is probably one of my favorites. Also Alex is really starting to mature. I still think he should be with peds.

    Posted by Harriette2 at Monday, October 03 2011 01:37 AM

    I copy old & new GA's I just love it!!! It comes in at @pm each day on lifetime & on Sat night at 12 & 1 Am These are the older one!!

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