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    Free Falling. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Free Falling.

    Thursday, September 22 2011
    Meredith is fired, Owen and Christina continue to struggle, and Alex tries to make amends.

    When Zola wakes up in the middle of the night Meredith tells someone she'll get the bottle, they can get the diaper - it's Christina. In the next room, the baby crying interrupts sex between Lexie and Jackson. Across town, Owen finds Derek working on his dream house.

    Alex wakes up in a hospital room next to Richard. Alex grumbles that he snores. In the foyer, Teddy coos giddily over Callie's baby, Sofia. Arizona tells Callie that Teddy is getting laid by Henry to explain her behavior. Christina and Meredith arrive with Zola and cross paths with Derek and Owen. Owen goes the other way and Derek takes the baby from Meredith.

    In the staff area, April can't get anyone to listen to her. She asks for Bailey's advice, but she's too busy eating. Christina and Meredith discuss being 'unforgivable' to their spouses. Christina tells Meredith she's doing it at six o'clock today. Nearby, Mark tells Jackson he can work with him because he's a good surgeon. Christina is surprised to see Teddy, who tells her she's in a happy place now and if she wants to learn, she's willing to teach. Meanwhile, Arizona informs Alex that every hates him for ratting on Meredith. Richard appears and asks Meredith to come to his office.

    In his office, Richard tells Meredith that the board thinks what she did disgraced the hospital and her profession - she's fired.

    A married couple is arguing in their car when a sinkhole opens up in the street. As word gets back to the hospital, Owen warns everyone to be prepared for many traumas as he leaves for the scene. Meredith tells the others that Webber fired her. Christina hits Alex saying it's all his fault, Bailey pulls her off. No one listens to April.

    At the scene, Owen and Callie assess the grim reality of people trapped in the sinkhole. Alex shows up but Callie tells him to go. He finds a child buried in the sand and hollers for help. Owen appears and they dig out the child and save his life. Meanwhile, the married couple from the car are trapped, and Callie must talk the husband through amputating his wife's leg. When he freaks out, Owen decides to go down. The husband is pulled up when he gets there.

    In the OR, Teddy asks Christina to explain what she's doing. In the corridor, Meredith tells Derek she got fired, He replies, "What did you think was going to happen?" Meredith helps an intern who is freaking out over a coding patient. Bailey makes her stop and tells her to get the hell out - they could be sued! Bailey takes it up with Richard, who asks her to write a recommendation for Meredith to go elsewhere. Bailey is outraged.

    In surgery, Mark takes issue with Jackson's stitches. April calls Jackson away. Derek tells Mark he's being too hard on him. They discuss Meredith being fired. Derek tells the patient his son is being brought in. Alex rolls in with the child from the sinkhole. Christina tells Meredith to fight for her job. Teddy appears and Christina urges Meredith to hatch a plan as she goes off. Meredith pages Christina later and tells her she's decided to be a full-time mom. She suggests Christina might want to be a mom too. Christina doesn't, and says she needs her to be there for her tonight. When Jackson checks in with April, she realizes the patients have been mixed up and runs for the OR where Lexie and Bailey are about to operate on the wrong man! April follows a furious Bailey down the hall, apologizing and explaining.

    In the nursery, Meredith is picking up Zola, but the social worker checks in. Meredith covers up losing her job and the fact that she and Derek aren't together. In surgery, Derek gets a call that the social worker wants him in the lobby. After he talks to her, he catches up with Meredith and warns that the social worker thinks there are inconsistencies in their stories. Meredith tells Owen she got fired, and gives him a speech about Christina not wanting to be a mother. Meredith says she was raised by someone who resented being a mother.

    Christina is in surgery with Teddy, who is driving her up the wall asking questions. She explains that because Christina is so good, people let her skip the easy stuff.

    Alex visits Richard in his office and asks him to get Meredith's job back. He offers to speak to the board. Richard says this isn't on him. Alex says it is.

    Bailey pages all the residents and takes them to where Callie is working on the amputee from the sinkhole. She tells Callie they need a Gunther. They seek Richard's permission and he reluctantly gives it. Bailey sets the residents up with the amputee lady who has abdominal bleeding while Owen checks over the husband. Callie tells Owen the residents are doing a team-building exercise. Owen takes offense, but Bailey says the chief said yes.

    Meredith meets the social worker in the lobby, who tells her she knows she lost her job and that she and Derek are living apart. Meredith says she'll go get Derek to address this, but instead she takes Zola from the nursery and leaves. The social worker has Derek paged when Meredith doesn't come back. In surgery, the nurse tells Derek the pages are about his baby.

    Henry comes to the hospital and finds Teddy to tell her Richard is putting the thing in this afternoon. He kisses her. Teddy questions Richard about it. He assures her it's a simple procedure and she shouldn't be worried. Richard tells Bailey to get some gloves and makes her practice on a mouse. After, Richard goes to prep Henry. Teddy is nervous. She tells Henry how much she loves him. He asks if she's saying goodbye. Teddy decides to go.

    As the residents wheel the sinkhole lady into emergency surgery, Derek frantically searches for Meredith. Owen tells the sinkhole husband what is going on with his wife. In the OR, bickering ensues while the residents operate. Observing, Arizona explains to Mark about the Gunther - it's the resident who emerges as the leader in this situation. Owen catches up with Derek in the x-ray room. Derek says Meredith has disappeared with Zola. They compare notes on how insane their wives' behavior has been. Teddy joins Bailey and the others in the observation room. Bailey reassures her about Henry's surgery. Marks says Christina has emerged as the Gunther. As they watch, Christina stabs Alex accidentally with a needle and he passes out. Bailey hustles down to help out as Alex comes to and calls Christina a crazy bitch! When everything settles, Callie reports that Yang almost killed Karev and Avery is the Gunther. Arizona checks in on Alex and warns him to make up with his friends - she's worried about him. April asks Jackson if he thinks they'll fire her as chief resident.

    Henry's surgery commences with Bailey assisting Webber. Teddy butts in while they operate on Henry. Richard tells her to get out of his OR. Bailey hisses about this being an experimental surgery as she assists, but it works beautifully. As Henry recovers, Teddy kicks it with him in his hospital bed. He warns he's a frequent visitor to the OR. She sighs that she'll be a basket case every time.

    Christina gets a page and finds Meredith hiding with Zola in a supply closet. Christina says they'll figure out how to explain that she's been missing for four hours. She tells Meredith she'll fix it. Christina leaves and Owen asks her to talk. She says she wants to, but there's something she has to do right now. Christina goes to get Alex who yells at her about forgiving him. She says fine, just get up.

    Derek is called into a meeting with Richard and a board member, who says Richard just admitted to tampering with the drugs in the clinical trial - Meredith just tried to cover up for him. Derek, knowing it's not true, gapes. They step out and whisper about what Richard is doing. Richard tells Derek that Meredith was trying to save Adele - he needs to stop punishing her. Derek gets a call and joins Christina and the social worker who are with Meredith watching Alex give Zola her check-up. Alex says her white count was briefly elevated, while Meredith explains that she handed in her pager because she was fired. Meanwhile, Bailey learns what Richard has done and confronts him in his office. He hands her a binder and she realizes he's handing his clinical trial over to her. She meets with Jackson to get up to speed on the mice.

    Still in the examining room, Alex apologizes to Meredith and she accepts it. He goes, and Derek and Meredith talk. She suggests Derek take Zola because Janet has a problem with her. Derek tells her Richard is taking the fall - she's not fired. Meredith protests, but he tells her to accept it to keep Zola. As everyone waits to hear what the social worker will decide, Owen and Christina slip away to talk. She tells him she didn't change her mind. He asks when the appointment is. She says now, and he agrees to go with her. She starts to sob.

    The social worker grills Meredith and Derek about everything she learned today. Derek defends Meredith, saying her only flaw is that she loves people so much she'll do anything for them. The social worker says they must be re-evaluated, and Zola can't stay in their home. They say goodbye. Alex takes Meredith home. Meanwhile, Arizona, Mark, and Callie go to see Sophia. Richard leaves the hospital and calls Adele to remind her of their dinner. Christina is on the table for her procedure with Owen by her side.

    Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

    Richard tells the staff he has resigned.

    Callie asks, "Do you really want Bailey as your enemy?"

    Christina quizzes interns.

    Candi's Comments:

    It was a great two hours - vintage Grey's Anatomy showcasing all of the things they do best. I love that Alex is reconnecting with the others. Teddy in love is a tad annoying, and Richard's sacrifice was stunning. I can't wait for next week! Be sure to let me know what you thought of the season premiere by commenting below.

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    Posted by smurf18 at Friday, September 23 2011 06:45 AM

    I only have one comment on this show. How can a doctor who is supposed to know how the body works get accidently pregnant twice. This is where abortion should not be legal. If she didn't want kids, she should do something permanent and stop throwing children away like trash...

    Posted by Chrissi at Friday, September 23 2011 07:37 AM

    Wow great recap. Two whole hours.

    Good point smurf18!!

    Posted by nykki30 at Friday, September 23 2011 10:44 AM

    Actually, Christina miscarried the first baby. She may not have wanted to be pregnant but she did not abort. I agree she may need to use contraception though!

    Posted by smurf18 at Friday, September 23 2011 12:45 PM

    you are right nykki - she did miscarry. I just hope that the show moves along from this story line. And Derek is the best grudge holder I know. Like he's never done anything wrong ever???????????????

    Posted by mykr65 at Saturday, September 24 2011 07:47 PM

    The first pregnancy was an ectopic. NOT an abortion!

    Posted by LeaveNatalone at Monday, September 26 2011 08:07 AM

    I am tired of the way McNightmare treats Meredith. He always has her jumping throw hoops for his love. Meredith deserves better.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Monday, September 26 2011 10:38 AM

    These two episodes had me so torn…

    Meredith: Though I don’t agree with the way she went about it, I get why she did what she did.

    Derrick: I understand why he’s so upset w/Mer but I don’t think that her actions are unforgivable. It’s not like he didn’t date her seriously for three months omitting the fact that he was married. Then led her to believe that it was over and they could still be together but chose Addison.

    Christina: I respect her choice but she’s married so the decision is not just her’s.

    Owen: I understand his hurt and him feeling left out of Christina’s decision. But… Knowing how Christina is about surgery, this is probably a discussion they should have had before getting married. You don’t just get married and expect that your spouse wants children because you do.

    I also agree with other posters, that Christina should have been on birth control or she should have had her remaining tube tied if she knew that she didn’t want any children!

    Posted by dafyduc at Wednesday, October 05 2011 01:40 PM

    I am VERY disappointed in the writers for bringing abortion into the story. I don't see how Owen will be able to stand the sight of the witch that killed his child.

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