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    Unaccompanied Minor.

    Thursday, May 19 2011
    Christina gets shocking news, Meredith and Derek are at odds, and the Chief Resident is chosen.

    At the build site, Meredith and Derek discuss getting the new house ready for Zola. Meredith worries about jinxing the adoption. The social worker appears and surveys the chaos.

    Meredith and Derek enter the hospital then part ways. Owen and Webber stop Derek regarding Karev's allegations. Derek questions Meredith, but she won't talk. Derek is panicked about the clinical trial. Meredith insists nothing she did compromised the study, but doesn't deny the allegations. Webber say it looks like she's lost her job. Meredith finds Karev and orders him to get her stuff out of her house.

    Teddy pays Henry a visit in his hospital room. He teases her about leaving for Germany with 'rock star' Andrew. Teddy clucks that he's terrible and they hug.

    Webber informs the staff that hundreds of injuries are expected from a plane crash. Owen barks orders, and Christina asks him about Meredith. He says she ruined the trial. Lexie and Eli deal with the sea of people looking for loved ones. Karev finds Owen and says he didn't want to get Meredith fired. Owen notes if he didn't think this through he's as dumb as she is.

    Bailey tells Eli that she and her son often took the same flight that crashed. He's supportive. Lexie and Mark wait for the incoming traumas. After, Mark tells Jackson to take care of Lexie. Lexie is still wondering where the victims are. Mark thinks the delay means no one survived. Webber asks Karev to write down what he saw Meredith do.

    Christina is diagnosing a pregnancy when she runs off. Lucy confirms Christina is six weeks pregnant. Christina finds Owen to tell him. He's hopeful, but she insists she's not doing this. He thinks they could make it work. Christina takes off and notices Meredith, Webber, and Derek in the boardroom. Karev appears with his statement. Webber blurts, "Derek it was Adele." Webber says he pressured Meredith - they'd have to fire them both. Derek slams out and Webber tells Meredith he must suspend her for appearances sake.

    Webber, along with Andrew Perkins, informs the staff they'll have to tell the families no one survived the crash. April learns that Owen chose her as Chief Resident. Karev challenges Owen's choice, but Owen says staff wouldn't trust him. Jackson tells Lexie that Mark 'gave' her to him. The doctors begin calling out family members one-by-one to tell them the bad news.

    Meredith joins Derek where an Alzheimer's patient's wife is pleading with them to give her husband the drug - her childrens' father is disappearing. They go to another room and argue about right and wrong. Derek admits he has reservations about raising a child with her and needs space.

    Outside, Owen and Christina revisit the idea of being parents. He asks her to consider it because she loves him. Christina goes inside and asks Meredith about her situation. As she's complaining about Karev, she spots him talking to the social worker. She thinks it's bad, but the woman tells Meredith that Karev cleared the baby to go home today. Meredith leaves Derek a message. The NICU nurse starts packing up Zola's things.

    Teddy goes back to say goodbye to Henry after dealing with the trauma patients. He orders her out, saying he's in love with her and she just needs to go. Teddy meets with Andrew, who says he loves her. She looks strangely at him. Later, she returns to Henry's room, kisses him, and says she thinks she's falling in love with him.

    April learns there is one survivor - an unaccompanied minor. She's brought in. A bereaved mother decides to stay with her. Her husband and the other grieving people agree. When the girl's mother arrives they support her until her daughter is out of surgery. Lexie watches, and when Mark approaches, she warns him to leave her to be happy. April and Jackson reflect on her being Chief Resident. Lexie looks in at him and smiles.

    At home, Christina tells Owen to remember how much he loves her, because she made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy. Owen throws her out.

    Bailey says goodnight to Eli at the hospital. He wants to come home with her and meet her son. They leave holding hands.

    Meredith arrives home with Zola. Derek and Lexie aren't home, and Alex's things are gone. Christina comes in and Meredith says she has a baby. Christina blurts that she's having an abortion and Owen kicked her out.

    At the bar, Lucy asks Alex to tell her not to go to Africa. He tells her to go to hell.

    Derek ignores Meredith's calls and sleeps under the stars at the house they are building.

    Candi's Comments:

    Great season-ender! Plenty of understated drama and emotional pull. Most of the storylines left me torn as to how I really feel about them. I wish Alex had stopped Lucy from leaving, and I wish Teddy had chosen Andrew. Christina is being Christina, and Meredith and Derek seem a world apart at the worst possible time. Loved Bailey and Eli! April as Chief Resident is hilarious - can't wait to see Stark's reaction. It will be a long wait until next season.

    Be sure to tell me what you liked/disliked or loved about the season finale tonight in the comment section below.

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    Posted by repairwoman01 at Friday, May 20 2011 07:43 AM

    Totally ridiculous April is Chief Resident - shows Owen has no sense whatsoever. Love that Henry & Teddy may end up together, Henry is fresh air to the show. Crazy about Eli & Bailey, who wouldn't be. Derek needs to stop being such a hard butt about Meredith, he would have done the same thing or should have, afterall, it was Adele. Karev needs to get over himself, thought he had, but showed he hadn't changed at all by telling Lucy off - how stupid was that! Still just unbelievable about April, she just needs to go back to Stark and be her twitty little self!

    Posted by complicatedlady at Saturday, May 21 2011 03:20 AM

    Stark was blown away by April's organization and preparation for taking care of patients. He told Owen that April would make a good Chief Resident. That is probably the first time he ever said anything good about another doctor. Alex had Meredith take his place on the Alzheimer's Trial because he was afraid he would do exactly what she did. The thing is he doesn't know that what she did will not change the outcome of the trial. I think Derek will forgive her after he has thought about it. I was happy that Teddy realized she was falling in love with Henry. I wish Lexie and Mark had gotten back together. Maybe next season Jackson will fall for April and Lexie will go back to Mark. I don't know what to think about Christina. She told Burke they are both doctors and make lots of money so they can hire a wife to keep house. Why can't she hire a nanny for the baby so Owen can have his child? It would be fun to watch Christina slowly fall in love with her own baby. Miranda and Eli are adorable together.

    Posted by complicatedlady at Saturday, May 21 2011 03:23 AM

    I forgot to say Zola is a beautiful baby and I'm so happy for Derek and Meredith. I can't wait for next season.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Wednesday, May 25 2011 09:28 AM

    What am I going to do without my Grey's all summer?

    Posted by laci225 at Thursday, July 28 2011 01:36 PM

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