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    I Will Survive. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    I Will Survive.

    Thursday, May 12 2011
    Alex considers leaving, Henry meets the competition, and Lucy stuns Alex.

    At home, Christina tells Owen they can't have sex until after he chooses the next Chief Resident - he has to be impartial.

    In their kitchen Meredith asks Alex if he's going to say anything about what she did when he meets with Owen. He snarks that he thought she might wish him luck. Alex goes into the bedroom where Lucy wants to talk about the next year. He tells her career comes first.

    Lexie tries to give Jackson advice at home as they brush their teeth, but he walks away as the conversation is uncomfortable for him.

    At Seattle Grace, Derek and Meredith meet with Arizona who is going to do a hernia operation on Zola. Meredith holds the baby and a parenting book.

    Outside the hospital, Alex is seeing off his young African patient when her guardian collapses. Inside, they learn she is pregnant, but the baby is very small. In surgery they deliver the baby who was developing in the wrong spot due to scarring. They stabilize her, but Alex worries she'll get inadequate care back in Africa. Arizona suggests he go there to work.

    While jogging, Teddy tells Henry that Perkins asked her to move to Germany with him. She assures him she'll sort out the insurance issues. After, Henry finds Webber and asks about joining his clinical trial. Webber has reservations. Jackson arrives and Webber asks him to screen Henry, but Jackson tells him he's leaving the trial to focus on surgery. Later, Perkins approaches Webber and Henry. Introductions are made as Teddy joins them. Webber blurts that Henry is joining his trial. After Teddy and Andrew leave, Webber tells Henry he has a thing for the underdog - he needs all the help he can get to compete against Perkins.

    Owen does rounds with April who follows a checklist of proper protocols. Christina appears and lists off the tasks she's completed to show her efficiency. He runs into Callie, who is back at work but thinks she hears Sofia crying. She turns to see Mark has brought her to work. Owen has his meeting with Alex. When he comes out, Alex tells Meredith he didn't say anything, but suggests she should. She goes in to see Owen.

    Christina is screening a patient when she finds a tree has taken root in the man's lung. She elects not to tell Teddy, but fills in the family. April pulls Christina into the hall and they argue over whether or not to tell Teddy. Christina bribes her to help her do the surgery.

    Lucy runs into Alex at work. He asks her opinion on whether he should stay or go to Africa. Miffed, she says it doesn't matter what she thinks. Alex tells Christina that Lucy is pissed off that he's considering leaving. Christina mocks him. Christina then talks to Lexie who rants about guys with babies being attractive as she eyeballs Mark. Christina goes to her patient's room where she learns April told Webber and Teddy about the man with the tree in his lung. The man wants Christina to do the surgery. Arguing ensues. Webber decides to let Christina operate. She does, and removes the piece of tree. She and April argue and Christina tells her she won't make Chief Resident.

    Jackson takes his meeting with Owen, who confronts him about his tendency to back out when the going gets tough. Owen later catches up with him and tells him he figured out he ditched the trial to let Webber take credit.

    Meredith and Derek hover outside the OR where Arizona is operating on Zola. It becomes clear that Meredith is also anxious about the adoption. He says everything will go the way it goes. After, Arizona quizzes Alex about going to Africa, warning that if he's in love with Lucy Fields, he'd better think hard about this. Alex finds Lucy and tells her he's not going to Africa - she's a factor in this. Lucy stops him and says she took the job in Africa. Alex is stunned - she took his job!

    Lexie runs into Mark and the baby. She watches him watch his daughter and says he seems really happy. He says he has everything he's ever wanted - almost. Mark catches up with Derek, who is looking at Zola, whose surgery went well. Mark coos that she and Sofia will be best friends.

    Meredith meets with a social worker who asks her questions about adopting Zola. Meredith tells her she is a surgeon who wants to be a good mom. The woman lets her know that the interview went well. Meredith goes to tell Zola she might be her mama.

    Christina meets with Owen who is frustrated that she took matters into her own hands and went behind Teddy's back again. He blurts that she isn't going to be Chief Resident. He explains that the other responsibilities would keep her from being a surgeon. She's pissed and leaves.

    Alex joins Christina at the bar, complaining about Lucy stealing his job. April sits down and tells Christina the rules are there for a reason - a woman died once because she skipped a step. Christina tells Alex that Meredith will be Chief Resident, and he should go to Africa and be good at what he's good at. Owen comes in and Christina kisses him - she's seen the light. They are about to go home for sex when Alex blurts that Meredith messed with the Alzheimer's trial!

    Henry catches Teddy on her way out of the hospital and says he got a job and will have his own insurance. He seems about to tell her his real feelings when she informs him she's going to Germany with Andrew. Henry asks for a divorce. Teddy agrees.

    Mark gives Callie the baby as she gets off work. Lexie watches. Jackson appears and teases, "Are you watching Sloan again?" He tells her he's out of the trial, but he has her, that's all he needs.

    Spoilers for Next Week on Grey's Anatomy:

    Christina tells Owen she doesn't want to be a mom.

    A woman says her son's father is disappearing and pleads for him to be given the drug.

    Derek tells Meredith he doesn't want to raise a child with someone who doesn't understand there is right and wrong in the world.

    Candi's Comments:

    What an ending! Vintage Alex - someone hurts him, he strikes out at someone else, but it was still shocking that he ratted Meredith out. This changes the whole dynamic of loyalty they've shared since the beginning. I was glad Christina made up with Owen, as what he said to her about being a surgeon made sense. I like Lexie with Jackson and don't want her to go back with Mark - I may be in the minority on this, but honestly, I don't see her as stepmommy material - she's fairly immature. As far as the Teddy triangle, I'm only lukewarm on Henry and love Andrew Perkins, but I expect she'll pick Henry in the end. The adoption is going well for Meredith, but obviously everything will blow up for her now. I missed Bailey this week! Let me know how you felt about the events on this episode using the comment section below.

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    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, May 13 2011 08:08 AM

    OMG... Alex is so wrong for blabbing about Meredith to Owen. What she did was wrong but for the right reasons. Name a doctor on this show who hasn't crossed the line? Where are you going to live now?

    Posted by complicatedlady at Monday, May 16 2011 02:15 AM

    What happened to Bailey? I watch every show and don't remember her leaving. Henry is so in love with Teddy. Perkins puts his work first and Teddy will regret staying with him. I was shocked when Dr. Stark told Owen how good April is and that she would be the perfect Chief Resident. I think that is the first time he has ever said anything good about another doctor. Alex sure has bad luck with women, but he deserves it in a way. If he could only keep his sarcastic remarks to himself. I hope Meredith's file swapping doesn't break her and Derek up. He needs to know it is her way of thanking the Chief for all he has done for her over the years.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Monday, May 16 2011 10:29 AM

    Baily didn't leave. She just wasn't on this episode other than the very beginning.

    Posted by nat21 at Wednesday, May 18 2011 01:11 PM

    It wasn't wrong for Alex to rat Meredith out. She had it coming and after April went on and on about the rules, I would have been surprised if he didn't. She was totally wrong for doing that and I am glad that he told.

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