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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    It's A Long Way Back. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    It's A Long Way Back.

    Thursday, April 28 2011
    Callie and the baby struggle back to health, Alex wrangles with a lung cancer patient, and Adele is accepted into the trial.

    Arizona, Bailey, and Christina cheer Callie on as she struggles to straighten her fingers for the first time since the accident. Mark comes in with a small bit of good news about the baby. Bailey tells Callie she can't see the baby until her infections are gone. Christina chats to Callie about her falling out with Owen. April comes in raving about the baby and makes Callie cry. Christina tries to soothe her as she screams that she could miss her whole life. Christina finds Stark and argues with him about Callie seeing the baby.

    Owen and Alex are with a lung cancer patient. They insist that she must quit smoking. She curses and calls the hospital a crap factory. She threatens to sue their balls off if they don't get her out of there. She demands a wheelchair so she can go smoke. Alex finds her outside and tells her about her poor test results. She hollers that she can't stand his stupid face.

    Richard arrives at the hospital and has an exchange with Meredith. As he turns to go, a post-it falls off his chest. Meredith realizes it's to remind Adele who he is. Meredith joins Derek for a surgery. He is about to open the skull when the man goes into distress and dies. Meredith goes to see Derek in his office and suggests they give Adele Webber in the man's place in the trial. She shows him the note that fell off Richard's chest earlier. Derek says he's thought about Adele, but she doesn't qualify.

    Arizona talks to Alex about the cases she was hoping to help in Africa. She doesn't have the resources or money to bring them there. Alex is talking to Owen after and tells him that as Chief Resident he'd bring children from Africa over for surgeries. He goes to talk to Stark about lining up a budget to bring the kids over, but Stark tells him he's not someone capable of pulling this off. Alex goes back to arguing with the lung cancer patient, who is rich. He asks her for $100,000. She coughs at him to get out of her face. He returns with photos of sick African children. She orders him out, but later requests him. He says he'll come in for $100,000. Lexie watches in fascination as she agrees. Later, the woman dies before Alex gets his money. He can't believe it.

    Teddy arrives at Henry's place, where he groans that she looks amazing and must have come from a date. She says he's having a hypoglycemic episode, and tells him about her bad date. They eat takeout and laugh.

    Some of the residents wheel Callie's bed down the hall so she can see the baby. They spot Bailey and Jackson distracts her. The others get Callie to the window of the NICU where whispers to the baby that they're going to be fine.

    Callie becomes frustrated in physiotherapy and Arizona tells her it's okay. She yells that she can't hold the baby, so it's not okay. Arizona goes to speak to Stark before he operates on the baby. He tells her she can scrub in. She heads to look for Callie, who is pushing Christina and Meredith up the hall on a gurney. Arizona tells her Sofia needs surgery. Callie goes into distress and faints. Once they have her in surgery they talk about her pushing herself too much. Sofia is also in surgery and there is a crisis, but Stark saves her.

    Adele comes to the hospital and speaks to Meredith about how she's getting worse. Suddenly she starts talking to Meredith as though she is her mother, asking for her husband back. Twelve weeks later, Adele is taken into the clinical trial and Richard thanks Meredith for noticing that the circumstances changed. When Meredith realizes Adele is to be given a placebo, she switches her papers with another patient so she gets the active agent in surgery.

    Also twelve weeks later, Alex learns that the African kids have arrived. Arizona appears and hugs him. Lexie watches as he throws up in the wastebasket. He confides that he ordered everything and now doesn't have the funding. Later, Lexie catches up with Alex. Something came from a lawyer - a check for $200,000 from Gladys, the lung cancer patient. Alex triumphantly helps bring the children in.

    Callie learns after twelve weeks pass that she and the baby can both go home. April tells Stark that people are talking about him - she's glad people are seeing the Robert she got to know. He tells her it's Dr. Stark. Everyone gathers to say goodbye to Callie and the baby. Callie panics that the baby's not ready, saying it's not safe to get in a car. Bailey talks her down. Mark and Arizona take them out of the hospital.

    Teddy shows up at Henry's place again twelve weeks later, but this time she tells him she is seeing a guy who she used to date and it's going great - she can't stay. She returns to the car and rejoins Dr. Andrew Perkins, her old flame. They kiss.

    At home after Adele's surgery, Derek says he wishes he could tell Richard that Adele got the medicine. Meredith says, "Me too."

    Candi's Comments:

    Wow, can't believe Meredith did that switcheroo! That could come back to bite her, and Derek will be furious if she ruins the clinical trial. I was glad Adele got in though. Alex's story was great, once again, especially seeing him mix it up with Doris Robert's lung cancer patient. Callie and the baby's story seemed sped up too much. I don't feel chemistry between Teddy and Henry, but love her with Perkins, so was glad to see him back. Stark is giving April the cold shoulder - it's kind of cute. What did you like or dislike about the episode? Post below!

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    Posted by carlotta1960 at Friday, April 29 2011 07:46 AM

    I dislike that it is on at the same time as Nikita and Bones so I can't watch. I have to just come and read the updates afterward. It sounds like I missed a really great epi. Maybe I will catch it in re-runs.

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