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    Doing the Squinty Thing. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Doing the Squinty Thing.

    Thursday, February 24 2011
    Meredith suffers from vision problems, Lexie has a hook-up, and Mark asserts himself!

    In the lunch room, Alex listens as Meredith avoids Derek's questions about the house they're building. After Derek leaves, she admits to Alex that the baby drugs are drying out her eyes. Meredith checks on an Alzheimer's patient who is accompanied by her husband and young son, who helps take care of his mother. The little boy has a medical issue as well. Meredith enlists April to help, and then nips in for an eye test - with Alex's help. He tells her she's blind. She counters that when she squints she sees fine.

    Callie is getting an ultrasound at the hospital when Mark and Arizona begin arguing about whether she should get an amniocentesis or not. They leave the room arguing loudly. Lexie is there and witnesses the situation. Callie and Arizona walk off. Jackson looks over to see how Lexie is watching Mark.

    Teddy and Jackson check in on a young man who is getting a lung transplant. His girlfriend suffers a coughing fit. Lexie sees her inhaler and realizes they both have Cystic Fibrosis - they could kill each other! The couple says that life with risk is better than not really living. Teddy is summoned and tells them to end the relationship, or he won't get the lung transplant. They agree to end it, and he's taken into surgery. Teddy complains that the young man will probably get back with the girl anyway. Lexie says maybe it's true love, and admits to Jackson she was impressed with Mark earlier. Later, Lexie finds the girlfriend outside and tells her she's killing her boyfriend. She comforts her, and then goes back in to tell the patient that she's gone, as Jackson watches.

    Webber and Owen emerge from the elevator. Webber is ranting about Owen pulling him away from important work. Owen pulls a curtain aside - Adele Webber is behind it, and she's hurt again. Webber hunts down Bailey and asks her to take Adele - she wants her to run every test that has a name. Bailey goes to Adele's room and argues over the tests. Later, she catches up with Meredith, who suggests Adele might have dementia. Bailey goes to Webber and tells him he needs to go to Derek for a neuro consult for his wife.

    Alex finds Lucy, the OB/GYN, and asks her a question about 'a friend'. She says it's an excuse to talk to her. He asks her out. She turns him down.

    Meredith catches up with Arizona and April, who are listening to Dr. Stark's diagnosis of the little boy whose mother has Alzheimer's. Stark orders them to call Child Protective Services because the family delayed seeking medical treatment for him. Shocked, the ladies argue that the family is dealing with a lot. He doesn't care. Meredith wants Arizona to do something. April and Arizona try talking to him again to no avail.

    Arizona, Mark, and Callie meet up to argue about the amniocentesis in the cafeteria. When Callie says she gets the biggest vote, Mark goes ballistic and says he is a parent too. Nearby, Alex makes jabs at Meredith about her eyesight. Christina is with them, but makes her way back to the nurses desk where Owen kisses her. She tells him how happy she is that he's not trying to knock her up. Arizona and Callie catch up with Mark. Callie says she's doing the amnio to have the information. He's okay with it.

    In the Alzheimer's patient's room, she freaks out at the thought of losing her son. The little boy sings Johnny Cash and calms her. April goes to see Stark one more time, offering to personally check on the boy every two weeks - he agrees! Later, he asks her out on a date, because no one has changed his mind in ten years.

    Meredith goes into surgery with Derek. She goes to make the cut, but is forced to admit she can't see properly. After, they confront the issue. She is told she must be sure the fertility drugs aren't permanently damaging her eyes.

    Owen encounters Christina in the corridor. She asks what he thought of their pregnancy conversation earlier. He admits he is hoping she'll come around one day and have their child. Christina is livid. When they meet up again later, Christina tells him he may have married the wrong person. Owen tells her to cut the crap - she has an obligation to at least pretend to care about what he wants! Christina finds Meredith and they reassure each other.

    Jackson waits outside for Lexie, saying he wants to make sure she's alright. They bicker about whether there is such a thing as soulmates. He lets her know he's interested in her.

    At home, Callie tells Arizona that she was impressed with Mark - he'll make a great dad. Arizona admits he acted adult, but she's still not thrilled about a lifetime of Mark.

    April rushes into the house, where Lexie is in the shower. She giggles as she tells her she's going out with Stark. Lexie kicks April out of the room and Jackson pops up in the shower beside her!

    Mark, Derek, and Owen air their grievances with the women in their lives while driving golf balls on the roof. Webber appears and takes Derek aside to ask him to take a look at Adele.

    Candi's Comments:

    Meredith's eyesight issues were an interesting twist tonight. I loved Mark's outburst and the results, but I see trouble with him and Arizona. I got a huge kick out of Stark asking April out - I've been waiting to see a different side of him. Bailey and Adele butting heads was good - glad Webber asked Derek to step in. Christina irked me tonight - sometimes she's unbelievably selfish. Lexie with Jackson was great! This is the most I've liked Lexie ever. I wouldn't want to be Jackson when Mark finds out though! Let me know what you thought of tonight's episode by commenting below.

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    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, February 24 2011 07:47 PM

    I don't really like Arizona. First, she kicks Callie out of her life and then then comes back and act like nothing happened. Callie told her about Mark and the baby before they got back together so she knew what was in store for her. She didn't have a problem with Mark and didn't think that he was acting like a child when he agreed with her last week. If she wants to be with Callie and the baby, she needs to adjust her attitude as Mark is part of the package.

    Liked Avery and Lexie but I was holding out for him and April as she needs a guy with a lot of patience and someone who is really caring. Maybe Stark will be good for her as he's older so he would have a lot of patience to deal with her and her lack of experience.

    Maybe when Webber gets the results from Derek's consultation, then he will accept that his wife needs help.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, February 25 2011 10:15 AM

    @ nat21- I agree w/you regarding Arizona & Callie. I think that they should have taken more time before getting back together. Especially since, Arizona did not want kids initially. She should have really taken more time to consider what she was getting into.

    I'm so glad that Lexie & Avery hooked up. Hope it lasts!

    Did Christina ever tell Hunt about her eptopic pregnancy? I thought complications caused Addison to have to remove her tubes so she would be unable to conceive. Am I wrong?

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