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    Grey's Anatomy - DAILY UPDATES

    Midlife Crisis. - Grey's Anatomy Daily Updates -

    Midlife Crisis.

    Thursday, February 10 2011
    Thatcher returns with a girlfriend, Karev gets kicked off his case, and Meredith has to make a decision.

    At the hospital, Meredith continues with the patients in the Alzheimer's trial with a certain amount of success. Derek and Webber call her in to the office. Richard tells her he wants to do a trial on Diabetes and wants her to participate - he's going from her mother's notes - it's her birthright. Meredith shares her dilemma with Christina and Lexie. Bailey comes in and announces that Thatcher Grey has come in. Meredith comments on him rejecting her liver. Owen pops in for a kiss with Christina.

    At home, Arizona makes a nutritious drink for Callie, who wants coffee. Mark comes in and gets caught in the middle of their argument. Arizona and Mark both vote for Callie to drink the goo.

    At the nurse's station, Karev hits on Callie's OB/GYN, who he assumes is a nurse. She tells him she's Dr. Lucy Fields and bars him from the NICU. After, he listens in as she and Arizona discuss a heart transplant for a baby who was his patient and gives his opinion. Fields tells him he's off the case.

    April, Owen, and Callie treat a young man who was injured being a human slingshot - he's dislocated both hips. April's perkiness gets on Callie's nerves. When she gives in to the craving for caffeine, Teddy watches as Arizona guilts her out of it.

    In Thatcher's room, Lexie takes him to task for rejecting Meredith's liver without so much as a phone call. He starts talking about going for coffee with someone from AA, but before he finishes a tattooed young girl enters and kisses him. He tells Lexie, "Not a sponsor." Bailey comes in and Lexie rambles about Danielle, her father's girlfriend. When she begins describing a pain Thatcher had during sex, Lexie runs out. She rebuffs Mark's attempt to help.

    Jackson and Mark head in to look at a lady's nose. When they take her into surgery, Mark starts questioning Jackson about Lexie, who is his roommate. When he says she's been crying lately, Mark sends him out of surgery to find out what's going on with her, offering up the lead on a surgery as a reward. As Jackson goes, Mark advises him to get her talking over peanut butter cups.

    Karev and Christina help Meredith decide about which clinical trial to do. Karev and Christina bicker when she brings up the baby heart transplant case. When the baby is taken into surgery, Karev is shut out again. He appeals to Dr. Fields to put him back on the case. She explains why she's not interested in what he deserves. They share the tension as they observe the heart transplant. After, Arizona and Lucy watch Karev check on the patient. They notice how dedicated he is to his patients and joke that Lucy doesn't have the authority to ban him anyway. Karev and Lucy end up in the elevator together after, and he tries to ask her out again, but she quickly says no.

    Lexie takes Meredith to see Thatcher and his girlfriend. They stop outside the room, and Christina walks by and cracks a joke. When Thatcher cries out in pain, Meredith and Lexie rush in. Lexie hollers at Danielle to get the hell out of the way! When they realize it could be his kidneys or prostate, Danielle becomes scared that it's cancer. Lexie hollers at her that she's not family, she's his midlife crisis! Meredith follows Lexie out of the room, and tells her to let him be happy and that she needs to grow up!

    Callie has returned to her patient with the dislocated hips. The young man and his friend want to record her popping them back into place and put it on YouTube. Owen tells her to go along with it. As soon as she touches his leg he screams and calls for the camera to be turned off. They take him into surgery, where Callie's caffeine withdrawal pushes her over the edge. Owen sends April for java. After the surgery, Owen delivers a sobering message to the young man about being a human slingshot.

    Meredith returns to Webber's office, where he tells her that her mother's research may be the greatest thing the two of them ever did. Meredith has doubt. She returns to the Alzheimer trial and is moved by a struggling mother and daughter. She returns to Webber's office and tells him she wants to cure her mother's disease, while he continues her work.

    Jackson catches up with Lexie in at the nurses's station. She rants about her father and sister as he feeds her candy. Finally, she blurts that Mark is having a baby, clobbered her over the head with the news, and she misses him. She's calmer after the vent. Jackson returns to Mark, who tells him he tried his best, and can scrub in. Lexie goes back to check on her father, and is nicer to Danielle, who explains how good they are for each other. Lexie sees Jackson after in the locker room and they arrange to have a drink the next night.

    Back at home, Callie fills Arizona and Mark on how the voting will go from now on. She will get a baby vote and a vagina vote. They realize there is no arguing with her tone.

    Meredith gets home and tells Derek she chose his trial. He's happy. They get passionate.

    Spoilers for Next Week:

    Meredith runs the Emergency Room.

    Webber's wife returns.

    Candi's Comments:

    It was a good episode tonight! All of the regular characters showed a lot of personality, which is my favorite thing about Grey's Anatomy. Karev's storyline was one of the best tonight, while the Thatcher story brought out a side of Lexie that I actually got a kick out of! Does anyone think Jackson will fall for her? I loved Callie's caffeine withdrawal - too funny. Meredith's dilemma was realistic given what we know about her mother, and the show ended on a great note. What did you think about tonight's episode? Let me know using the comment section below.

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    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, February 10 2011 08:30 PM

    I thought the scene with Karev watching the surgery very touching as it shows what a dedicated doctor he is. Also liked that Jackson did not run back and give Mark the information that he wanted. Shows where his loyalties are. He also showed his loyalties before to April when he punched Alex. I'm with you Candi, I think that Jackson will eventually fall for Lexie or even April.

    Loved Callie's baby and vagina vote. I don't blame her. She's doing all the hard work (carrying the baby/ gaining the weight/ going through delivery) so she should get the most votes. Although, I must say that I am surprised Arizona
    and Mark are getting along. Arizona didn't really like him before but I guess she's putting aside her feelings for him for the baby's sake.

    Posted by complicatedlady at Tuesday, February 15 2011 03:08 AM

    I love seeing the stories about each character. Shonda is a genius at weaving these characters together into a great show I can't possibly miss. I'm glad Arizona is getting along with Mark for Callie's sake, but I don't think it will last. If Lexie doesn't go back to Mark, he is going to be part of Arizona and Callie's life every day.

    I really want Lexie and Mark to get back together eventually. She needs to grow up and accept the decisions other adults in her life make. Jackson is terrific. I want him to connect with someone, but not Lexie. April has the personality to boost Jackson's ego. He needs that because he has been competing with his grandfather, Harper Avery, all his life. April's adoration could launch Jackson to a new high as a doctor. I want to see that happen to him. He is not just eye candy.

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