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    How About Now?

    Thursday, January 13 2011
    Callie drops a bomb on Arizona, Bailey and Eli heat up their flirtation, and Teddy is put in a tough position by Henry.

    At home, Meredith and Derek discuss being hopeful about conceiving a baby - they're going to stay upbeat.

    Callie shakes her head and sobs a little in the bathroom as Mark calls her to hurry up. They leave the apartment and find Arizona in the hallway moving back in. Callie goes ballistic, making it very clear she does not want her back in her life! Callie stalks away and Arizona tells Mark that it's good she's mad - it means she cares.

    Dr. Webber meets up with the residents and pairs them up with the newbies who will be following them on their rounds. Webber tells Christina he would like to watch her progress today - he will be picking a Chief Resident soon and she's still in the running. Christina and her med student head off on rounds along with Webber and Bailey. They file into Henry's room - the dying man who Teddy married. Nurse Eli is on the case, which flusters Bailey. Teddy comes in and everyone learns that Teddy is Henry's wife. Webber follows Teddy up the hall asking if she's lost her mind. Lexie, who is on Teddy's service, weighs in and irritates the chief. Teddy tells him it's done, and then goes back to wish Henry luck. Webber, Bailey, Christina and her student check out Henry's MRI. When they return to Henry's room, the med student blurts that they have to remove his kidney. Henry wants Teddy's opinion. Webber grudgingly asks Teddy, who agrees with his recommendation. He then tells her the relationship with Henry is inappropriate. Nearby, Bailey and Eli flirt. Bailey then has to deny they're dating.

    Callie is grumpy with Owen while waiting for a trauma to come in. The man in the ambulance was trampled by three horses on his wedding day. His partner emerges from the ambulance wearing a kilt and fretting - they bicker. Callie orders everyone out. The partner returns and tells Callie to stop trying to kick him out.

    Mark and Arizona walk up the hospital corridor. She blathers on about Callie. They join up with April, Karev, and Karev's attractive med student. Their case is a young woman with a deformed face. Outside the room, Arizona and Mark disagree about treatment for the girl. A list of pros and cons are displayed, and Mark tries to show Arizona the benefits of using cadaver bones on a med student's bald head with a marker. Arizona says it's experimental. Mark muses that she's a terrible listener.

    Arizona approaches Callie and tells her she knows she's a bad listener. Callie says to get her crap out of her apartment. After Callie leaves, Mark comes along. Arizona wants to hear about the cadaver surgery. She listens this time. They go back to the young woman and her family. They agree to the experimental surgery. During the operation, Mark and Arizona continue to discuss the situation with Callie without actually doing so. Later, Mark tells Arizona she walks away when things get tough.

    The man who was trampled is coding in surgery. Owen, Derek, Jackson, and Callie are all on the scene. A newbie called Edward makes a good save and wins kudos from Owen. Callie goes out to talk to his partner. He is proud he fought for their big wedding day with horses and kilts - even though they were only allowed to sign papers. Callie tells him things don't go the way you want sometimes. She takes him in to see his partner, who tells him he forgives him.

    Webber and Christina are in the OR operating on Henry. Christina's med student faints, causing Bailey and Webber to joke, but Christina notices something sinister in Henry's gut. Teddy is called in and asked if Henry can live with being a diabetic - they need to remove his pancreas. Teddy doesn't know, but gives Webber permission to act as he sees fit. After surgery, Christina's med student laments being so smart yet looking like an idiot. She gives him good advice, and he admits he evaluated her as 'heartless'. She walks away.

    Eli sidles up to Bailey at the station and asks if she got his note. She says he's dirty. He asks if she wants to be dirty with him, and plants a deep kiss on her! Teddy approaches Bailey and tells her to go ahead and read her the riot act, but Bailey starts talking about how inappropriate it is for her to date Eli - but she's going with it!

    Teddy is there when Henry awakens. She tells him about his pancreas and being a diabetic. Henry realizes she is angry that he put her in such a terrible position. He explains why he ended up with no one close to him - she's the closest thing he has to a friend. Teddy takes his hand.

    Meredith argues with her med student. She accuses her of looking at her phone all day. The young woman counters that Meredith was sneaking off to the bathroom to check her pregnancy test. Webber calls them together and reads the evaluations by the med students - they're all negative except Karev's.

    Back at home, April and Jackson are at the kitchen table when Karev's med student walks out to get a glass of water in only a t-shirt. When Jackson checks out her legs, April cuffs him.

    Meredith comes home and tells Derek her med student screwed her today. She mentions that she peed on ten sticks today and isn't pregnant. She feels she's gone soft. Derek says she's just upset they haven't made a baby - practice makes perfect.

    Arizona catches up with Callie in the hospital and tells her she has run away in the past, but this time she's staying to stick it out. She wants another chance. Callie blurts, "Today I found out I'm pregnant with Mark's baby. How about now?"

    Candi's Comments

    For me, there wasn't a lot going on that caught my interest tonight. I was bored except for the Bailey and Eli stuff which was great, and Callie dropping her bomb at the end. There was just too much focus on people we didn't really know on this episode. Good luck Derek and Meredith - keep trying! How does everyone think Arizona will react to Callie's news? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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    Posted by complicatedlady at Friday, January 14 2011 01:41 AM

    Was today the first day the new Interns were there? They needed to introduce them to the first year Residents and the second year Residents if for no other reason than to let us know. Is Bailey an Attending now?

    I enjoyed the whole show except the end. How is Callies pregnancy going to affect Mark and Lexie? Will Mark want to marry Callie? I hope she goes back to Arizona and they raise the baby together. I want Mark and Lexie to stay together. Jackson sure is a cutie. I hope he is a good doctor too.

    Posted by Victoria1979 at Friday, January 14 2011 05:47 AM

    So happy there are Grey's updates. I forgot it was on and only caught the last 5 minutes where Callie said she's pregnant with Mark's baby. So shocking! But that's what happens when you have upset/rebound sex with your best friend. I hope Lexie has matured enough to be able to deal but somehow I doubt it. It's a nice twist though. Arizona really doesn't like Mark to begin with so I'm not sure if she'll be able to deal either.

    @Complicatedlady- I think Bailey is the General surgery attending. She was chief resident when Grey, Karev, Christina, et al were first years, and then last season (I think)she had a storyline where Arizona was recruiting her for pediatrics and the Chief was angry because he was grooming her for general. I don't think it was ever mentioned but I think she is. Just like I think Callie is the ortho attending but no one has ever said it. Hunt is Trauma, Derek is Neurosurgery, Arizona used to be peds, Bailey is general, and Sloan is cosmetic. Did I get them all? But I could be wrong.

    Posted by LETSGOCAVS at Friday, January 14 2011 06:38 AM

    ok now..doesn't DR.'s no it doesn't matter how many times u p*ss on a stick it's not going to change in 1 day..LOL..i hope they get 2 have a baby though..and I think it will work out for McSEXY, callie,and Arizona.but Lexie probably can't deal.I love her and Slon 2gether though...and Bailey was so funny acting like a school girl everytime her 'NURSE" came around..LOL...I LOVE GREYS..THANKS CANDI...XOXO

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Friday, January 14 2011 08:03 AM

    well i didnt see that one coming, callie pregnant with mark's baby. Now how will this affect mark's relationship with lexie they just got back together. I love those two. And i hope derek and meredith have a baby.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, January 14 2011 10:42 AM

    In my opinion, it’s a little too soon to bring this Teddy marrying the dying patient story line. Izzie/Denny & Karev/Jane Doe a.k.a. Ava a.k.a. Rebecca. Too soon for me.

    I used to like Arizona for Callie. I think it was the fact that Callie had to back off from wanting a baby in order for them to be together that rubbed me the wrong way. Callie never said that she wanted a baby right then, it was just something that she wants. If Arizona would have responded simply saying that she didn’t want kids but let’s see where it goes, I may feel differently about her.

    I’m glad Callie is pregnant!! I guess I don’t really care if it breaks up Mark and Lexie. I like Mark and Lexie together but I like Callie pregnant with their lovechild better

    Can’t wait for Meredith’s stick to turn pink (or what ever brand she’s using…LOL!). I felt so bad when she miscarried.

    Thanks for the update!!

    Posted by Africa at Saturday, January 15 2011 01:24 PM

    Snap, I missed the first episode. Callie pregnant with Mark’s baby, just when Arizona decided she’s ready to work on her and relationship with Callie ~ interesting! I doubt Arizona can handle Callie being pregnant, and esp. for Mark? I know Callie wanted a baby, however; I’m waiting to see how she feels about being pregnant, and Mark being the father. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds next episode, and throughout the season.
    Thanks for the update!

    Posted by skyflower at Saturday, January 29 2011 07:33 AM

    i like it shes preggers with slaons baby lol

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