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    I'll Marry You.

    Thursday, December 02 2010
    Christina goes fishing, Bailey lands a date, and Teddy proposes.

    At home, Derek explains to Meredith that Owen is concerned about leaving Christina alone, so she's accompanying him while he goes fishing. Meredith scoffs at the idea of her in the wilderness, and at the idea that this is a plan to get her back to work. Christina arrives and the tension is thick between her and Meredith.

    Mark and Callie are showering together and discussing how great the sex has been. Callie is upset when he admits he thinks about Lexie when they do it - she kicks him out of the stall.

    Jackson, April, and Lexie are in surgery with Bailey and Webber. Bailey says she's having a contest with regard to resolving fistulas - the winner gets to remove a gallbladder.

    Meredith, Owen, and Teddy wind up in the elevator together. Meredith tells Teddy that Christina is fishing. Owen is snarky about it. A male patient flirts with Teddy. Owen and Meredith head out to meet an incoming trauma and exchange tense words about Christina fishing. They take in a couple who fell from very high - the husband broke the wife's fall and has a lot of internal bleeding. Owen discovers he has a lethal injury when they operate, but comes up with a plan when Meredith badgers him. He chastises her afterward and eventually kicks her out of the OR.

    Callie chats with Karev about Arizona as Mark listens in at the hospital desk. Mark spots Lexie and says he misses her. She's all business. Callie and Karev consult with a man who needs a new hip, and who has a busybody wife who suggests a second opinion. Callie is rewarded by getting the go-ahead later, and performs the hip surgery. She offers to teach Karev, but he says he's staying in pediatrics.

    On the fishing trip, Christina makes technical suggestions to Derek. Once out in the boat, she irritates him by talking a lot and exasperates him with her impatience. Derek gets a call from Meredith after Owen kicks her out of the OR. Suddenly, Christina gets a bite and panics. Derek helps her reel it in. They go to shore where the fish is weighed and Christina is photographed with it. She bursts into tears and Derek says they'll want to remember this.

    Back at the hospital, Jackson, April, and Lexie behave competitively over the fistula research. Lexie argues with a male nurse about her patient and asks Mark to intervene. He asks her to have a drink with him, then goes over and offers the nurse box seats if he does him a solid. Teddy runs into the patient from the elevator again and learns that he has a dangerous tumor but is being discharged due to money issues.

    Bailey comes out of surgery and confronts the male nurse, Eli, with Lexie. He argues his position admirably. In her office, the interns discuss how hot Eli is as they go over the fistula research.

    Meredith asks to speak to Owen after he comes out of surgery. She argues that she knew what she was doing in there, but he slapped her down because she questioned him about Christina. They argue about what is best for Christina, then go to tell the wife of their patient that they repaired his internal injuries and hope he'll make it through the night.

    Teddy confronts Webber about the tumor patient he's discharging. Webber convenes a meeting with the review board, but they won't budge. Bailey bursts into the meeting with a breakthrough on fistulas, much to everyone's amazement. Webber goes to see the patient being sent home. Teddy follows, wishes him good luck, and then stops. She says she has great medical insurance and offers to marry him! He says it's absurd, but smiles. Teddy doesn't want him to die.

    Bailey returns to nurse Eli and crows about his accidental discovery that improved her outcomes with fistulas. He stuns her by asking her out. She agrees.

    At the bar, Lexie joins Mark. She tells him it was unfair of her to agree to a drink. He kisses her deeply. Jackson appears and says Bailey wants them back, but Lexie kisses Mark again.

    Owen is waiting when Christina arrives home with her prize catch. She is deeply thoughtful. Meanwhile, Derek and Meredith discuss Christina at home. He says he's still not sure if she'll return to surgery.

    Callie is at home when Arizona comes to the door. She babbles about how she couldn't work in Africa because she was crying all the time and missed her. Callie closes the door in her face.

    Candi's Comments:

    Okay, here goes - I was about as bored with tonight's episode as Christina was with fishing. As with the fishing, things improved toward the end, but overall it was a bit of a drag. I didn't get the significance of Christina breaking down because she caught a fish - anyone care to enlighten me? It was nice to see Bailey get asked out - too bad the hot nurse comes across like an arrogant jerk. The Mark and Lexie kiss did nothing for me - I think he needs a real woman, not a whiner. Callie's response to Arizona was surprising to me, but I'm sure she'll come around - I was glad to see Arizona back so soon. Teddy proposing to a patient she's known five minutes was weird - but may turn out interesting. Be certain to leave me a comment on tonight's episode below.

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    Posted by complicatedlady at Friday, December 03 2010 12:40 AM

    I loved the show tonight. The significance of Chritina crying over the fish is Christina is not emotional. This may be the beginning of her healing. I was amazed that she put the picture of her and the fish on the refrigerator.

    It was great to see Mark and Lexie back together. And the guy Teddy proposed to is a nice man and good looking. It could turn into a good relationship for Teddy. I was shocked that Callie shut the door on Arizona, but I hope she gets over being hurt eventually. Arizona really hurt her at the airport.

    Posted by wolsung at Friday, December 03 2010 06:49 AM

    I agree with complicatedlady. Christina has buried her emotions since the shooting and catching the fish was the first time she has experienced happiness since. This brought on the emotion and tears that she hadn't been able to shed since the tragedy. She put the photo on the fridge because she wants to remind herself of that emotional human moment. And yes, this is the beginning of her healing and moving forward. Agree?

    Posted by lcdcfive at Friday, December 03 2010 07:34 AM

    I thought it was a good show but I have to know, who is Eli? I have seen him somewhere and I cannot put my finger on it.

    Posted by Candace at Friday, December 03 2010 07:57 AM

    Thanks for the comments! I get the Christina 'emotional release' now. The fact that she hadn't actually cried up until now was the missing piece for me - perhaps since she's been expressing emotion in others ways, like anger. Anyway - makes sense now!

    Eli is Daniel Sunjata from "Rescue Me".

    Posted by scorpion110282 at Friday, December 03 2010 08:28 AM

    im hoping lexie and mark will get back together, and last as a couple, im a fan of them.

    Last night was a great episode.. And did i see right.. no new shows til the new year.... oh man!!!

    Posted by nat21 at Friday, December 03 2010 08:30 AM

    The best parts of the show was when Miranda burst into the meeting with the review board and didn't realize or care how important the meeting was. The other was Callie closing the door in Arizona's face. I was expecting that but didn't think that it would take that long for her to do it.

    Posted by lilyholden#1fan at Friday, December 03 2010 09:53 AM

    I agree...luv Mark & Lexie, & Bailey, & the door slam. Tired of Christina story...zzzzz! Glad Callie kicked both Mark & Arizona 2 the curb...she deserves better!!

    Posted by Mrs. LC at Friday, December 03 2010 11:22 AM

    Thanks for explaining the Christina thing. It was lost on me as well. Anything to get her back to normal. She is the best on the show and Owen is nothing without her.

    I hope Callie and Arizona do NOT get back together. Seeing girls kiss is gross and not needed in this show. Callie is so much sexier with a man.

    Lexie, cut your hair.

    Posted by Tdazzle_77 at Friday, December 03 2010 11:24 AM

    I don’t get a chance to watch live airings of Grey’s anymore so I read online and purchase the seasons as they’re available (I don’t recommend this because it’s now REALLY hard for me to tolerate commercials or having to wait until next week).

    Anywho… As a true Grey’s Anatomy fan, I’m truly offended by what they’re doing to Christina’s character. I love her as the all business, hard core, bad azz surgeon that I was introduced to. She had her vulnerable side but all about cutting. At first, I thought Owen was good for her but now I’m not so sure.

    What I’ve read about the latest episode sounds like one of those episodes that I can wait to see when the season is available on DVD.

    Here’s an idea, Dr. Burke can come back!!!! I have to be sure to add that on every posting.

    Posted by Bubbles101 at Monday, December 06 2010 08:31 AM

    I missed this one so I cracked and read it!!! I hope the fishing thing is the start of a breakthrough for Christina because I hate seeing her so lost!! I was worried for a bit there when she got into decorating, thinking she was turning into her mother LOL. As for Callie and Arizona good on Callie closing the door in her face. Arizona has turned her back on Callie more then once and Callie doesn't deserve being thrown to the curb time and time again. I am happy for the Lexie Mark thing and hope they do get back together. I liked them as a couple. I don't get the Teddy proposal...well I get it but that's extreme. The guys could use her and dump her for all you know. We shall see where that one goes!!!

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