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    Attachment Barbie.

    Thursday, October 07 2010
    April's secret is out, Derek steps up for Christina, and Derek's sister, Amy, comes to town!

    At the hospital, Derek argues with Perkins in a staff meeting regarding Christina's status after her breakdown in the OR. Derek finally says if she goes, he goes.

    Derek's sister, Amy, shows up at the hospital looking for him. She tells Mark she brought Derek a brain tumor. Meanwhile, in the staff room, Arizona and Callie bicker about living arrangements and Teddy suddenly breaks down. She tells them Andrew Perkins is leaving and she feels like Attachment Barbie instead of G.I. Jane!

    Amy catches up with Derek and is introduced to Meredith. She tells her dismissive brother that she brought him a man with a brain tumor. He is cold toward her, which stuns Meredith. Nearby, Dr. Webber is taking a patient into the elevator, but Alex refuses to get in. Outside, Bailey is trying to coax a man out of a car. The man finally agrees to come out - he is horribly disfigured by warts - causing Lexie to scream. They take him inside where Bailey assigns Lexie to the man's case.

    Amy and Derek bicker over Christina's head as they look at the tumor. Derek lets his sister know she won't be scrubbing in. Amy has Meredith put her name on the board anyway, but Derek appears and gives a run-down on why he doesn't trust Amy in his OR. Christina, meanwhile, is curled up in the break room considering not being a surgeon anymore.

    Everyone's buzzing after the virginal bride-to-be who came in with chest pain is found to have a condom in her lung! As the residents discuss how they lost their virginity, April acts awkward and Alex laughs that she's a virgin. She denies it and Meredith sticks up for her.

    Derek is going into surgery and Amy is shouting at him about refusing to discuss their father. When Christina's late, he lets Amy stay. During surgery, Christina freezes again and Amy takes over for her. When Amy calls Christina a dud, Derek informs her she saved his life and orders her out of the OR. In the other OR, Lexie is struggling through the wart man's surgery as Mark stares at her. Bailey lectures her about being professional, then flips when a spider appears!

    Derek finds Christina after surgery and tells her she's family. He warns she's flaming out and it's not okay. Christina says she can't remember saving his life. Derek takes her to the morgue to re-enact it. In another part of the hospital, Dr. Webber confronts Alex about his fear of the elevator and makes him get on.

    Amy finds Derek waiting in the parking lot. He finally talks about when their father got shot. They embrace.

    In the staff room, Bailey is drinking with Teddy, Arizona, and Callie. Andrew shows up, and they leave him and Teddy alone. He tells her she chooses unavailable men and deserves more.

    At the bar, Alex keeps teasing April about being a virgin. She finally admits it, and rants about everyone else's secrets. Meredith likes it! Arizona and Callie go home and rip each other's clothes off. Christina and Owen, on the sofa, decide they need their own place. Lexie goes to Mark's apartment and sees him making out with Amy.

    Candi's Comments

    There was some great drama and few good laughs on this episode! I enjoyed the stuff between Derek and Christina, as well as the banter between the younger doctors. It was neat seeing Amy crossover from Private Practice too - her and Mark getting together was a bit of a shock! Again, I liked Teddy and Andrew, and feel bummed that he's leaving. I hope he comes back. What was your favorite part of the episode? Comment below.

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    Posted by nat21 at Thursday, October 07 2010 07:52 PM

    Just started watching GA since the season finale last Spring after 4 years and am really enjoying it. Poor Derek, he wanted to cuddle up with his wife but her bff was also in bed with them.

    Poor April, she's so unconfortable talking about anything that has to do with sex. Poor girl, with all the hooking up that's going on at the hospital, lets hope that she finally gets some action...

    Posted by mamajj at Thursday, October 07 2010 08:10 PM

    I just want to say I love that you added GA to the site. It's not on yet but love that I just got to read what happens.

    Looks like Lexi is to late.

    Posted by mad as hell23 at Friday, October 08 2010 09:21 PM

    on the greys update site could you put the spoiler as well

    Posted by lilyholden#1fan at Tuesday, October 12 2010 12:24 PM

    LOVE THIS UPDATE!!! Any chance of adding Private Practice? Desperate Housewives? Brothers & Sisters?

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