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Grey's Anatomy Spoilers.

Monday, April 27 2015

She's Leaving Home. (ABC)
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Grey’s Anatomy season eleven.

Thursday February 5 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: The Bed’s too big Without you.

April stays optimistic as Arizona begins testing on her baby.

Dr. Herman plans out a crash course in fetal surgery.

Owen and Callie encourage each other to get back into the dating scene.

Meredith, Maggie and Bailey use the 3D printer to gain a better understanding of their patient’s tumor.

Thursday February 12 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: All I Could Do Was Cry.

After several discussions with Dr. Herman, April and Jackson must face their situation head on and make a difficult decision regarding their unborn child.

Catherine arrives in Seattle and bumps into Richard at the hospital.

Meredith tries to find someone to take care of the kids so she can visit Derek for the weekend.

Amelia shows Stephanie some tough love when they work together on a case.

Thursday February 19 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: The Great Pretender.

Maggie gets upset when Meredith dodges her questions about DC.

Bailey and Ben become concerned about Ben's brother after he is admitted to the hospital.

Dr. Herman starts to warm up to Arizona.

Richard feels manipulated by Catherine.

Thursday February 26 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: Staring at the End.

The doctors are fascinated when Amelia gives a lecture about the intricacies of Dr. Herman's case.

Arizona and Herman continue to bond over the amount of cases they are trying to complete before the big surgery.

Bailey brings them a case of a pregnant woman who is close to her heart.

Thursday March 5 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: The Distance.

In this Amelia-centric episode, Amelia engages in the surgery of a lifetime as a crowd of doctors look on from the gallery.

With Stephanie by her side, she begins operating on Dr. Herman, but quickly realizes it's far more difficult than she anticipated.

Bailey becomes skeptical when Arizona takes on one of Herman’s cases.

Thursday March 12 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: I Feel the Earth Move.

An earthquake shakes the ground at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

Maggie is trapped in an elevator.

Meredith's long streak of successful surgeries is threatened.

Owen gives medical advice to a child over the phone.

Ben confides in Jackson.

Thursday March 19 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: Don’t Dream It’s Over.

A patient's condition sparks a conversation between Richard and Maggie about Alzheimer's disease.

April and Jackson struggle to return to their normal lives.

Arizona is faced with the reality that Callie is moving on.

Meredith reveals her biggest fears about Derek.

Thursday March 26 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: With Or Without You.

Meredith, rattled by the latest events, tries to figure out what to do about Derek.

Owen is shocked when his mother is admitted to the hospital.

Thursday April 2 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: When I Grow Up.

A school field trip to the hospital takes a dramatic turn.

The kids witness two injured cops enter the emergency room.

Stephanie sets her eyes on one of the chaperones.

Callie operates on the leg of the police captain.

Amelia must face her feelings for Owen.

Thursday April 9 8:00 PM:

ABC will air the first pilot episode of its series titled "A Hard Day's Night."

Then at 9:00 PM it's a new episode titled:

Grey’s Recap: Crazy Love.

Upon realizing that Owen and Amelia have been seeing each other behind her back, Meredith comes down hard on her sister-in-law.

Amelia rethinks some things.

Catherine springs into action when a man is brought into the hospital after his wife seeks revenge on his cheating ways.

Thursday April 16 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: One Flight Down.

A small plane crash in Seattle causes multiple casualties.

The doctors, especially Meredith and Arizona, recall some horrible memories.

Friction between Owen and Amelia makes for an uncomfortable working situation for Stephanie.

When is it too early to be freaking out? #WhereIsDerek #GreysAnatomy

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Thursday April 23 8:00 PM:

Grey’s Recap: How To Save a Life.

Derek witnesses a horrible car accident and springs into action to save lives.

Thursday April 30 8:00 PM:

"She's Leaving Home."

Jackson has a hard time understanding April's decision.

Ben and Bailey talk about their future.

Thursday May 7 8:00 PM:

"Time Stops."


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