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    Grey's Anatomy Weekly Video Promo: After The Car Wreck.

    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    She opened her eyes...

    This Thursday on Grey's Anatomy , Derek and Meredith check on Callie after the car wreck and report back to Mark, Arizona and the others. Check out the sneak peek clip below. » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy Interview: Shonda Rhimes Dishes On Season Finale.

    Monday, March 28 2011

    Finale buzz.

    Executive producer, Shonda Rhimes, recently spoke to TV Guide about the Grey's Anatomy season finale coming up in May. Viewers can expect a more low-key season ender than last season's mass shooting, but rest assured it will still be very emotional. Shonda explained, "I'm not looking to make some giant, huge, electric finale. You can't have a gunman in the hospital every season. It would just lose all its power. I... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Teddy Spoilers.

    Thursday, March 24 2011

    Spoilers ahead.

    Frustrated-in-love Dr. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), will have a change in fortunes by the end of this Grey's Anatomy season. TV Line is reporting that the cardiac surgeon, who is currently in a marriage of convenience with her patient, Henry (Scott Foley), will once again become embroiled in a relationship with ex-flame Dr. Andrew Perkins (James Tupper). Perkins will return and pursue Teddy, who keeps her marriage... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Eli And Bailey Spoilers.

    Wednesday, March 23 2011

    Relationship change.

    According to The Examiner , not only will actor Daniel Sunjata do a bit of singing in the upcoming musical episode, but his Grey's Anatomy character, Eli, will see a change in his relationship with Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Apparently, the relationship will get a little more serious, going beyond sneaking off for booty calls at work. As for it being a long-term relationship, it's anyone's guess; there's no... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy Interview: Shonda Rhimes On Derek And Meredith.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    Still an issue.

    Grey's Anatomy creator, Shonda Rhimes, told TV Guide that the fertility issues plaguing Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey) will continue. She previews that it will be difficult for them to cope, considering the excitement surrounding Callie's (Sara Ramirez) pregnancy, saying, "Part of [the musical episode] is about really bringing up how painful it is for Meredith to be watching other people get... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Gina Gallego, Hector Elizondo, Dennis Arndt, and...

    Monday, March 21 2011

    Callie's parents.

    According to TV Guide , actress Gina Gallego has been cast in the role of Callie Torres' (Sara Ramirez) mother, Lucia, on Grey's Anatomy , and will be appearing in an upcoming episode. Gina recently played a prison warden on Day Of Our Lives. Returning to his role as Callie's father, Carlos, will be veteran actor Hector Elizondo. Whatever reason Callie's parents have for coming to town, is also bringing... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy Snap Poll: Conception Issues.

    Thursday, March 17 2011

    Trying to have a baby. wants to know how you feel about the current storyline involving Meredith and Derek using fertility drugs in an effort to conceive. Recently, the drugs began affecting Meredith's vision and she was unable to continue in a surgery.

    Let us know if you are concerned that the couple will never be able to conceive a child by casting a vote in the poll below. Feel free to leave additional... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Scott Foley To The Doctor.

    Wednesday, March 16 2011

    New pilot.

    According to TV Line , actor Scott Foley, who is currently appearing on Grey's Anatomy as Henry the patient/husband of Teddy (Kim Raver), has signed on to appear in a new CBS pilot called "The Doctor." Scott will play David, a cardiologist and the son of Christine Lahti's character, and the show will take place in a family medical practice.

    Would you watch Scott Foley on "The Doctor?" Tell by... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Owen and Christina Spoilers.

    Wednesday, March 16 2011


    Actor Kevin McKidd, who plays Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey's Anatomy has been alluding to upcoming difficulties for Owen and his on screen wife, Christina (Sandra Oh). According to Hollywood Life , Kevin warns that just when the couple is happy, something will occur that will throw a monkey wrench into the works and test their union. This conflict will not be resolved quickly, with Owen and Christina continuing to struggle... » Read More

    Grey's Anatomy: Sara Ramirez To Sing At The Grove.

    Monday, March 14 2011


    According to The Examiner , actress Sara Ramirez (Callie Torres, Grey's Anatomy ) will be making an appearance on Tuesday March 15 at The Grove, an outdoor shopping mall in Los Angeles, at 2.00 PM to give fans a sneak peek of the upcoming musical episode. Sara will definitely sing, but there's no word about whether any of her co-stars might join her. Those planning to attend are warned to go early as it's sure to be a... » Read More

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