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Spoilers for the Week of November 18, 2013

11/18/2013 12:00am

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Somebody That I... (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

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Brand new two-hour episode of season ten of "Grey's Anatomy" starts September 26 at 9:00 PM EST.

Thursday September 26: Part 1 9:00 PM:

Find out who has a big blowout about a surgery on tonight's Grey's Anatomy recap: Act 1: Seal Our Fate.

Thursday September 26: Part 2 10:00 PM:

Grey's Anatomy recap: Act 2: I Want You With Me.

The super storm continues.

Richard is in surgery.

Christina hollers at Bailey that she works for her now.

Owen calls time of death on someone.

The season opener will account for Heather's absence.

Revenge Premiere recap: Fear. Find out about Conrad's surprising diagnosis.

Thursday October 3 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Everybody’s Crying Mercy.

Meredith and Derek take care of their newborn son and think about work.

Arizona tries to make things right in her marriage.

Jo and Alex get used to being a couple.

Jackson and Owen argue over finances.

April waits for important test results.

Matt meets a strange fate on tonight's episode! Vampire Diaries recap: I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Read to see if Jo and Alex 'do it' in this episode! Grey's Anatomy recap: Everybody's Crying Mercy.

Find out if Rachel gets the part! Glee Recap: Tina In The Sky With Diamonds.

Revenge recap: Sin. Emily may have learned a lesson in this week's show.

Thursday October 10 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Puttin’ On The Ritz.

Tonight is "Grey's Anatomy's" 200th episode!

Jackson makes a promise at a fundraising gala, which causes a competition amongst the doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial.

Several extremely difficult people test Bailey's patience.

Shane and Stephanie manage an incredibly busy ER alone.

Jo listens as Alex reveals an emotional secret.

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Somebody That I... (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

Thursday October 17 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: I Bet It Stung.

Meredith finds it hard to balance being a mother and being a surgeon.

Stephanie does her best to make a good impression with Jackson's mom.

Jo becomes too involved with her new patient.

Things turn emotional for Callie, Owen and a patient.

Shocking twist in last night's show! Vampire Diaries recap: Original Sin.

Thursday October 24 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Map Of You.

Callie and Derek team up for a brain mapping project.

Shane continues to feel guilty.

Meredith debates whether or not to continue her mother's research.

Thursday October 31 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Thriller.

The doctors of Grey Sloan Memorial are bombarded with spooky patients.

Some doctors are forced to change their plans for the night.

One doctor's well-being is in jeopardy.

Derek and Ben collaborate on a new surgical technique.

Bailey becomes angry with Richard, who asks a second year resident to perform his next surgery.

Jason George guest stars.

Eddie Navarro will guest star as a 'zombie'.

Thursday November 7 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Two Against One.

Jackson is told by Derek that he must let the second year doctors work on his patients.

Emotions erupt between Cristina and Meredith due to a betrayal.

Matthew and April come to a conclusion about their relationship.

Ben's return causes difficulties for Bailey.

Thursday November 14 9:00 PM:

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.

Callie's world is turned upside down in regards to an unexpected malpractice suit.

Callie's father (guest star Hector Elizondo) visits to lend his support and shares an interesting secret.

Flashbacks will reveal many surprising details into Callie and Arizona's marriage.

In an interview with TV Guide, Rhimes dished part of the season 10 story arc: "They've gone from embracing being attendings to having ownership of the hospital... we have the struggle of, they are now the board of directors at the hospital. It's ownership of the hospital on top of everything else." When asked about Meredith dealing with being a mother and her complicated relationship with Derek, Rhimes revealed: "Meredith is juggling an incredible amount of things... There's a lot to balance. It's something they're going to try to figure out. Meredith and Derek are trying to figure out what this is going to mean for both of them. It's never going to be a simple thing."

Coming up!

Hector Elizondo will return as Callie's father Carlos Torres sometime in November.

April and Jackson may be driven further apart.

There are no plans to have Lauren (Hilarie Burton) return as the homewrecker at this time.

As for Owen and Cristina, Shonda Rhimes has called the breakup a "very definite moment for them," though we've heard Owen may still attempt to win her back.

Sandra Oh has decided to exit after tenth season.

James Remar ("Dexter") is set to play Alex's (Justin Chambers) estranged father in a multi-episode season 10 arc.

Patrick Dempsey has expressed some exhaustion from playing Derek Shepherd.

Shonda Rhimes accidentally tweeted the fate of Dr. Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) who she said is alive! She soon removed the tweet and tweeted, "Crap!" for the accidental tweet.

Grey’s Anatomy recently promoted four cast members to series regulars in season 10. This includes Camilla Luddington, Gaius Charles, Jerrika Hinton and Tessa Ferrer who play interns of Grey/Sloan Memorial.

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