Grey's Recap: Bailey makes a power move against the rebelling attendings

Dustin Cushman

Thursday, February 9th, 2017

Thursday February 9: The charges against Alex are dropped, Bailey suspends Grey, Maggie's mother visits, and a woman is admitted tangled in barbed wire.

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At home, Alex recounts to Meredith and Maggie that while he was meeting with the DA to make a deal, DeLuca show up to get him off the hook by claiming he started the fight with Alex.

Maggie-Jackson-Arizona-GA-MH A new day begins at the hospital, where Bailey tells Katherine that the attendings are fighting back against Minnick. Meanwhile, Meredith clashes with Minnick at the whiteboard and refuses to let her teach during her surgery. At the attending’s station, Maggie learns from Jackson that her mother has arrived and is waiting in the seating area, after befriending most of the staff. Maggie’s mom, Diane, has come in to see Jackson for a consult. In the ER, a woman is brought in tangled in razor wire. Elsewhere, Meredith stops by Bailey’s office, where she is suspended by Bailey.

Edwards makes the rounds and warns others that Bailey took out Grey. Back in the ER, Hunt and DeLuca work on the woman tangled in barbed wire, while Webber talks her neighbor that found her. She explains that the woman, Annie, built a fortress around her property with her late husband. At the whiteboard, Ben warns Bailey that the rumor mill is churning about what she did to Meredith. He also informs her about the charges being dropped against Alex. Back in the ER, April passes the news to Richard, Arizona and Jackson that Bailey took out Grey. Richard says it was a power move.

Meredith returns home to find Alex about to head to the hospital to get his job back. She informs him that she just lost hers, and explains what happened.

Back at the hospital, April talks with Katherine and asks her if she can put a halt to all the feuding, but Katherine refuses to interfere with her husband’s work. In the elevator, Maggie talks with Riggs about her mother. She worries about introducing Diane to Richard. Later, Maggie finds her mother and Richard talking in the attending’s lounge and is shocked to learn they’ve made a dinner date to get to know one another. In Bailey’s office, Bailey gives Alex his job back, on the condition that he won’t beat anyone else up.

Diane meets with Jackson and shows him a rash on her chest. In the OR, Hunt and Riggs scrub in and prepare to attend to Annie. Hunt confides in Riggs that Amelia took a leave and has left him. At the whiteboard, Arizona warns Minnick that she’s turning everyone against her, and getting Grey suspended was a bad move. Minnick goes to see Bailey and chastises her for making things worse by suspending Grey. Back in the OR, everyone works to save Annie. Maggie asks DeLuca why he dropped the charges against Alex, but he doesn’t want to discuss it. Back in an exam room, Jackson tells Diane that she has inflammatory breast cancer. He will recommend specialists out in Hawaii where she lives. She asks him to help her break the news to Maggie.

April apologizes to Katherine for pushing her about what’s going on, but Katherine suggests she apologize to Bailey. Annie wakes up in a recovery room, where Owen and Riggs informs her that they had to amputate her right leg below the knee. Annie was in the middle of taking down the razor wire when she fell into it. The walls she and her husband built began to feel like a prison after he died. Outside of the hospital, Alex runs into DeLuca and apologizes to him. DeLuca wished he would have done so months ago because then all this could have been avoided.

Maggie returns home and finds her mom there with Jackson. Maggie scolds her mom for embarrassing her, and for leaving their family to move to Hawaii and make soap. Diane sends Jackson away, and tells Maggie that she left her father to become the person she always wanted to be. Diane decides to go back to her hotel and will be flying out in the morning. She tells Maggie to call her when she’s ready to share her life with her.

April goes to apologize to Bailey in her office, where Bailey tells her it’s time make tough decisions. Out in the parking lot, Minnick confronts Arizona and accuses her of being afraid to date her.

At their home, Katherine helps Richard get ready for his meeting with Diane. They dance around what is going on at the hospital, and he realizes Katherine is on Bailey’s side. Richard gets a text from Maggie that dinner has been canceled.

Stephanie and Leah shows up at Jo’s place to gossip about what is going on at the hospital with Minnick. They also break the news about Alex to her.

Alex, Maggie and Meredith watch TV at home together when Alex gets a text that Bailey has replaced Meredith with April.

Hunt goes to Amelia’s hotel to see her, but she won’t open the door for him. Later, Stephanie arrives to check on her.

Jo goes to see Alex at his home. She gives him a hug, smiles, but then walks away.

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