Grey’s Recap: Meredith’s search for Alex comes to a shocking conclusion

Candace Young

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

Thursday February 2: Arizona treats a badly injured pregnant woman, Richard sets out to make life difficult for Eliza, and Amelia hides from Owen.

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At home, Maggie and Meredith are trying to find information about Alex’s case. They learn criminal proceedings have been indefinitely postponed. Meredith presumes that means the trial was canceled, he took a plea, and is in prison. Later, Meredith meets up with Owen, who can't find Amelia.

At the hospital, Maggie joins the group that wanted to get Eliza Minnick fired. Richard is against it – they need to make her want to leave because she’s failing. Maggie reports that they were unable to find out where they put Karev. In the locker area, Ben tells Jo he’s sorry about Alex. Jo-Ben-locker-room-Greys-ABCShe wonders why he’s sorry – he didn’t put him in prison, she did. At the surgery board, Stephanie is rattled when Eliza starts erasing items. She cautions that no one touches the board but Bailey, but when Bailey appears, she is unfazed. Minnick tells Bailey she knows how to deal with Dr. Webber. Richard clears his throat and joins them before walking away angry.

Arizona and Murphy are helping a taxi driver on route to the hospital with a pregnant, laboring woman, Mindy, through video chat. Near the hospital, they crash. The doctors rush to the scene, where Mindy has shattered legs, and it turns out the man who hit the taxi was her husband. Meanwhile, Richard reconnoiters with the group out to get Eliza and they reaffirm their plans to ‘lock her up’. In the ER, Arizona works on Mindy, whose pelvis is broken and trapping the baby’s head. Arizona goes to update the husband. Owen is working on him and casually questions Stephanie about whether she’s seen Amelia. She hasn’t. In the OR, Minnick arrives to join Nathan on his surgery, but he’s already completed it. In the scan room, Maggie speaks to Mer by phone; she still hasn’t found Alex.

In the ER, two bloody hockey players arrive – one stepped on the other’s face with his skate. Jo and Ben page plastics. He then works on the taxi driver, who is concerned about the pregnant lady from his car. Ben hears Jo being snippy with her patient and brings up Karev again. She won’t discuss it. In the corridor, Minnick catches up with Murphy and Arizona – she wants to join them on Mindy’s surgery. Arizona-Eliza-encounter-Greys-ABCWhen Minnick makes a remark about having to replace Alex in peds because he went up the river, Arizona informs her she’s not welcome on her surgery. Minnick finds Jackson and Ben working on the hockey player’s face. She makes a suggestion and gets shut down firmly by Jackson. In the OR, Arizona allows Mindy’s husband to enter to watch the baby being born. She warns him not to tell his wife he hit the taxi, but he does, right before she’s put under. They have a crisis as they’re about to deliver the baby girl and the husband is removed. Maggie takes over with the wife, and Arizona goes to try and save the baby.

Minnick finds Richard at the board and reports she’s having problems getting into surgeries. They have a tense but polite conversation about her making changes on the board. He leaves with the pen. In the ER, Ben realizes Jo’s patient has a lung collapse and he angrily hollers if anyone has seen her.

At home, Stephanie confronts Amelia. “I think Dr. Hunt knows.” Amelia offers to go to a hotel. Stephanie wants to tell him something. Amelia won’t allow it; he’ll try to fix it and it can’t be fixed. In the corridor, Owen catches Stephanie in a lie about the neurology department that makes him more suspicious she knows Amelia’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Richard and Minnick spar verbally in surgery. She warns him to get on board or get left behind. Richard isn’t intimidated. After, Minnick lets Bailey know she’s facing a fight, and Bailey won’t have it; she’ll call a meeting. In the waiting area, Owen and Stephanie tell Mindy’s husband they don’t know if she’ll wake up, and his baby is in surgery. After, Stephanie tells Owen that Amelia is safe. He says, “Tell her to come home.”

Richard, April, and Jackson confer in an empty room about Bailey’s emergency meeting – Richard wasn’t invited. Jackson has a plan. In the NICU, Arizona tells Mindy’s husband she feels bad for telling her to put her legs up on the dashboard. He feels guilty about hitting the taxi. They absolve each other of their guilt. In the foyer, Richard and Bailey square off about her hiring Minnick. Elsewhere, Minnick catches Arizona on her way out and thanks her for letting Murphy help operate on the baby. “Good to have you on board.” Outside, Ben tells Jo he covered for her with her patient. She still wants to be left alone.

Stephanie arrives home and tells Amelia that Owen wants her to come home. Amelia asks about her patients and then turns in.

At home, Arizona is emotional. Andrew asks if she needs to talk. She admits she misses Alex, she knows it’s not fair to say to him, but she hates that he’s gone.

Maggie arrives home and learns Meredith couldn’t find out which prison Alex is in. Meredith goes in to her room and sits on the bed – Alex is in it. She screams, and hugs him. He’s been there sleeping all day!

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